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Court Drama as Sierra Leone's Corruption Investigator Sprints to Hide
By Our Correspondents
Jul 8, 2010, 18:21

Yesterday July 7th 2010 saw dramatic scenes in the normally sedate corridors of the Law Courts building as the ACCís Investigator in the Haja Afsatu Kabba corruption trial, Mr. Franklyn Wilfred Ogunlade Campbell took to his heels and ran like a scared rabbit through the corridors of the Courts as court-goers watched in amazement.

Panting hard in his smartly tailored, dark suit with his necktie waving to the left and the right as he ran like crazy, the heavily built Franklyn Campbell brusquely brushed passed a stunned Supreme Court Justice Hon. Maitland Emeric Tolla Thompson in the corridors, following which he skipped down steps leading from Master Elwyn Bailorís offices on the First Floor as he headed for the Ground Floor taking the steps three at a time.

Upon crash-landing on the ground floor, he turned right into the lower corridors from where he ran helter-skelter, at full speed, breathing heavily as he rushed through a side corridor into a doorway into which office, he proceeded to barricade himself.

The office at the Law Court where Franklyn Wilfred Ogunlade Campbell bolted into and barricaded himself inside. He was later to also shut the window that is shown open. He stayed in there in hiding until journalists gave up and left him hiding in there.

The reason why the ACCís Mr. Campbell was running with all the muscle power in every fibre of his being, was because he was being chased by a bunch of very eager male and female journalists from Awareness Times, Awoko, Premier News, For Di People, Independent Observer, etc. etc. etc. who had all wanted to take a photograph of him after his sensational time on the witness box that saw Lawyer Yada Williams expose the fact that as Investigator he and the entire Anti Corruption Commission¬†never took down a single statement from Haja Afsatu Kabba concerning this alleged misappropriation of Le310million matter as well as expose his numerous inadequacies as an ACC Investigator such as his ignorance of the date that the Anti Corruption 2008 Act was passed into law.

Mr. Campbell is not a protected witness and his photograph is allowed to be published by journalists. Unfortunately, the journalists waited for almost an hour but he refused to leave the office room in which he had barricaded himself. Instead, after the door was shut, he also ensured the windows to that barricaded office were also firmly closed.

"This is too bad that an ACC Witness from an institution standing for transparency and accountability should turn himself into a scared rabbit just because we wanted to have a photo of him for our dear newspaper readers tomorrow," one of the journalists said in disappointment at the attitude of the ACCís Investigator who was to be heard as he panted heavily inside the barricaded room.

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