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In Sierra Leone, ZAIN Customers Appreciate ‘Fambul Tariff’ Promo
By Augustine Samba
Jul 8, 2010, 18:06

The 40% reduction in tariff introduced by ZAIN through the ‘Fambul Tariff product has earned Sierra Leone’s leading telecommunication company more commendation from subscribers. The recently launched promotion, ‘Fambul Tariff’ has licensed Zain subscribers to talk more for less money through the quality network, Zain the Wonderful World.

Awareness Times was recently on about the streets of Freetown to sound the reactions of subscribers on the new product.  Fatmata Turay who was caught up with at the PZ Roundabout said Zain ‘Fambul Tariff’ has become the free call that has given them the opportunity to increase their number of callers including relatives, friends and loved ones who were formerly found difficult to communicate with.  “My hundred units top up can now call more than ten people with more air time, and ‘Fambul Tariff’ has brought my mother very close as I speak to her three or four times a day from Port Loko,” she impressed.

According to one Amara Kallon whose opinion was also sounded onboard a commercial van (poda-poda) told the Awareness Times that the ‘Fambul Tariff promotion is a divine favour from Zain.  “I am a second year student pursuing Information Technology at the Njala University.  “I am now enjoying two opportunities-the Zain ‘Students’ Club’ and the ‘Fambul Tariff,’ the two promotions he said that have made Zain’s calls cheaper and affordable, comparable to none of the other network’s products. 

This was reechoed by yet another Zain subscriber who identified himself as Ibrahim Koroma retailing recharge cards in the central business district of the city. He told this medium that Zain is now cheaper and more affordable as compared to other networks.  “If someone buys hundred units Zain recharge card, the person will talk for more than 8 minutes and sometimes beyond that”, he informed.

The Zain ‘Fambul Tariff’ product has been identified as a redeemer as Zain subscribers can now make calls from 12pm to 5pm for just 9 units; and from 2am to 5am for 1unit only as also from 5am to 7am costing about 12 units per minute while from 7am to 12:30pm costs only 12 units per minute. All Zain ‘Fambul Tariff’ calls are now billed per seconds with no terms and conditions for this promotion

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