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In Sierra Leone, Doctor Demands APC MPís Apology
By Aruna Turay
Jul 8, 2010, 18:14

The Head of Surgery at governmentís main referral, Connaught Hospital in Freetown Dr. James Boima has demanded a public apology from APC Hon. Claude Kamanda of Constituency 95 for what he described as the tarnishing of his good image.

He was speaking in an exclusive interview with our reporter yesterday in reaction to press reports intimating the honourable as saying that the doctor was sabotaging the Free Health Care Delivery Service.¬† ďI am utterly displeased with Hon. Claude Kamanda for using the press and other outlets to blackmail me on an issue he failed to cross check with me,Ē he expressed yesterday in his Connaught office.

Dr. Boima informed that it was a miscalculation as he was not even on duty on that day, let alone refer the patient as alleged by the publications.¬† ďI was sick at that time so I absented myself from work, so the story was totally fabricated against me,Ē he furthered, disclosing in fact that according to investigations, it was one Dr. Muana who referred the patient and that he is presently being investigated for such act.

It could be recalled that certain local tabloids on Wednesday 7th July 2010 carried articles accusing Dr. Boima and other medicos attached to both Cottage and Connaught of sabotaging the free health care service, a report purportedly brought to the attention of the APC minister by one Mohamed Kondoh of Newton.  Kondoh implicated doctors and nurses of having neglected his pregnant wife and being severally referred as she wriggled in breast pain.

According to the article, it was Hon, Kamanda who, through the articles accused the Doctor of sabotaging the system, an allegation that got Dr. Boima pissed off for which he now demands the formerís unreserved apology.

However, when contacted, Hon. Claude Kamanda said he was under no obligation to apologize. ďThe explanation was given to me by my constituent, and if for any reason the doctor wants an apology, it must come from Mr. Mohamed Kondoh,Ē he said, adding that it was Kondoh who complained Dr. Boima to him.¬† For a redress, Dr. Boima has vowed to use the right channel to ensure that Hon. Kamanda apologized to him for such damaging utterance.¬†¬†¬†

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