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In Sierra Leone, Abass M. Tholley Warned to Quit Eddie Matthews’ Building
By Dauda Koroma
Jul 9, 2010, 17:12

Magistrate Henry Sandy of Court No. 1A has warned that unless the defendant, Mr. Abass M. Tholley in the ongoing matter brought against him by the wife of late Mr. Edward Matthews, distances himself from the house he is falsely claiming, a court injunction would be made against him to that effect.

This pronouncement was made by the magistrate on Wednesday 7th July 2010 against Mr. Abass M. Tholley, said to be a relation of the deceased.

The particulars of offence states that Mr. Abass M. Tholley was arraigned for false claimant of a property belonging to Mrs. Josephine Matthews after her late husband passed away.

The magistrate’s stance was taken following an application made on behalf of the Plaintiff by her counsel, Lawyer Solomon Jamiru that the property should be given to his client as it is her late husband’s property and that she is in possession of all authentic documents to the effect.

"My Lord it is very evident that Mr. Abass M. Tholley wants to claim the house because my client’s husband has died," defence counsel Jamiru intimated, adding that the defendant by no means has in his possession any document of substance to afford him authority to the house.

After thorough perusal of the application and documents from both sides, Magistrate Henry Sandy used his wisdom and accepted Mrs. Josephine Matthews’ ownership of the house situate at No. 93 Bai Bureh Road, Grassfield in Freetown, left by her late husband. In that case therefore, Mr. Abass M. Tholley and his family were ordered to within 4 months from July 7th 2010 quit the house as it belongs to the Plaintiff or be forced to do same.

Meanwhile, another matter involving the same litigants is expected to commence in front of same Magistrate this morning.

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