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In Sierra Leone, Zain Sends five subscribers to watch World Cup Final
By Augustine Samba
Jul 9, 2010, 17:04

The Sierra Leone Leading telecommunication company Zain, on Thursday sent five subscribers to South Africa to watch the World Cup finals.

Few minutes to their departure at the Helipad in Aberdeen, the subscribers were given all allowances including accommodation, coupons traveling tickets and pocket allowances. In a short discussion with press men, the Commercial Director of Zain Sierra Leone, Keith Tukei said preparations for the journey to South Africa gave a very busy time to Zain management as many arrangements had to be undertaken to ensure the success of the subscribers’ departure. He informed that taking their subscribers to South Africa was a promise made by Zain but had eventually become a reality.  “No amount of money can buy this opportunity,” he said, adding that the chance can only be earned if one joins the Zain wonderful world. Mr. Tukei however advised the World Cup viewers to represent Zain and Sierra Leone with a good image.

The elated winners shortly before flying out to South Africa

The communication and corporation Affairs Executive Zain, Rose Johnson told press men that the five subscribers were the lucky winners of the Zain World Cup promotion which started from February to June 2010.  She informed that the gesture was part of their corporate social responsibility and was a real manifestation of giving a big opportunity to their subscribers.  She reiterated that this was another way of sharing their profit with subscribers in their local community.

One of the fortunate subscribers, Mr. Albert Kawa who doubles as team leader of the trip said the day of their departure was a wonderful and remarkable day that could not be forgotten. He said several people were critical of their journey but it finally became a true story.  He disclosed that they could not even know about their arrangement.  “Everything was done by Zain,” he said. The elated principal also sent a signal to all Sierra Leoneans to try a chance and join the Wonderful World Zain. “Be part of Zain, buy their top up cards and stay await for the next world cup,” he expressed.  He thanked Zain Management and assured that they will represent Zain and Sierra Leone in a very respectful manner.

The lucky subscribers were, Mr. Hafeez Derek Challarambus of the Bank of Sierra Leone Freetown, the principal of the Albert Academy Secondary School, Mr. Albert Kawa, Alhaji Lamin Turay of Freetown, Mr. Abdul Kamara from Kenema and Mr. Abu Bakarr Barrie of 17 Kissy Road Freetown.

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