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Why John Benjamin Stayed within NPRC
Jul 12, 2010, 12:16

Why did I not resign from the NPRC following the extra-judicial killings of Bambay Kamara, Salami Coker and others in December 1992? The reason is simple. For the same reason why I did not resign or runaway when I was unfairly disgraced, sacked and replaced with S.A.J. Musa as Chief Secretary of State in November 1992. I owed it to my country to see that the dream I had for Sierra Leone to enjoy multi-party democracy came to fruition. So, I stayed and brought about change from within. Indeed, within few months, S.A.J. Musa fell out with Strasser and had to flee the country. Although I was not brought back as Chief Secretary  -Lt. Col. Akim Gibril was appointed as Chief Secretary to replace SAJ Musa in 1993-  at that time, I was given a new position of NPRC Secretary-General in mid-1993; which I effectively  used to jumpstart the democratic process by creating structures like the National Commission for Democracy. I had a duty to my people and I could not have served that duty if I had run away from the country.

John Oponjo Benjamin explains why he stayed within the NPRC.

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