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In Sierra Leone, Dr. Dennis Sandy Behind ACC’s Iron Gates
By Dauda Koroma
Jul 13, 2010, 17:18

Government Minister of Lands, Country Planning & the Environment who recently boasted over national Radio Democracy FM98.1 that his ministry staff went to the private lands of one Mrs. Lara Taylor-Pearce and her father, Mr. O.J. Cline-Cole to demolish structures thereon simply because his ministry staff felt aggrieved over the manner in which the two bonafide citizens had addressed him as Minister, yesterday July 12th 2010 was spotted entering the Anti Corruption Commission(ACC) offices following which he was observed to have spent several long hours inside there locked away behind the iron gates, until he was spotted leaving the ACC offices after dusk had fallen.

Awareness Times called upon the Minister to crosscheck directly from him as to the purpose of his long stay behind the iron gates of the ACC. Speaking on the phone line after he had left ACC, Minister Dennis Sandy could not state what had been the purpose of his visit to the Anti Corruption Commission. He could not confirm if he had been placed under arrest or not. He could not confirm if his passport had been seized or if he had been forced to provide sureties in the form of 2 land owners of properties worth in excess of Le50million.

Dr. Dennis Sandy also could not speak to this reporter on whether he had been questioned by ACC Investigators about the numerous complaints against him being filed by disgruntled citizens upon whose lands he has been trespassing with willful abandon as he gave his own warped interpretation to the country’s land laws. Instead, sounding downcast and in melancholy voice, the usually arrogant Minister was in an unusually subdued tone of voice as he told Awareness Times that he did not wish to comment on what he had been doing spending the whole day behind the strong iron gates of the Anti Corruption Commission.

However, it is a fact that it is a crime under Section 42(1) of the 2008 Anti Corruption Act for any public officer like Dr. Dennis Sandy, to abuse his office. It is also a crime under Section 43 for a public officer like Dr. Dennis Sandy to abuse his position. It is also a crime under Section 44 for a public officer like Dr. Dennis Sandy to use his office for advantage against others to benefit himself. These are all crimes that are punishable by up to three years in jail.

Yesterday, a Letter written by Lawyer Blyden Jenkins-Johnston was published on the issue of an action by the Attorney-General which had caused a nolle-prosequi [BUFF CASE] to be entered on Dennis Sandy’s behalf after Sandy had been taken to court on a four-count criminal charge filed against him by Lara Taylor-Pearce and O.J. Cline-Cole.

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