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‘Sylvia Blyden is Sierra Leone’s Best Journalist’ - Drivers Union Activist
By Dauda Koroma
Jul 13, 2010, 17:02

Famous Drivers’ Union activist and member of the Labour Congress, Mr. Aruna Conteh who is one of the Union’s top leaders, has on Friday 9th July 2010 highly commended Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, proprietress and publisher of Awareness Times Newspaper for her work in journalism whilst openly describing her as “Sierra Leone’s Best Journalist for now”.

Mr. Aruna Conteh aka ‘Armbush Commander’ made this known to a cross section of Journalists at the Drivers’ Union Head Office in Freetown. He said of all the journalists in the country, the person he admired most was Dr. Sylvia Blyden.

“What I admire is her objectivity. Even though people sometimes think that she is an active member of the SLPP, yet she reports objectively on both the APC and the SLPP,” he said, adding that her pieces are balanced.

“She can never publish without first investigating, and that is good Journalism”, he furthered.

Mr. Conteh said though he has never had the opportunity to meet her, he has always been a close follower of her way of practice of the profession. “Her good work in Journalism has made me know most of the hidden agendas in some of our government institutions,” he disclosed, adding that Awareness Times is the first paper he buys every morning because of the credible materials published in the newspaper without fear or favour.

He also said that her stance taken in favour of her fellow women has always been remarkable. “Drivers of Sierra Leone have huge respect for Sylvia Blyden because she is the type of woman this country needs. Dr. Sylvia Blyden is indeed a woman of substance. I only hope to get the chance to meet with her one day to openly compliment her for all what she is doing. She’s a hero to many of us,” the Drivers’ Union strongman  ended.

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