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In Sierra Leone, Journalist Boosts Free Health Care
By Mohamed Kanu
Jul 14, 2010, 17:08

Awareness Times reporter, Aruna Turay has joined the clarion call of His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma to uphold and promote the Free Health Care Service for lactating mothers, pregnant women and under five Children.

On Tuesday 13th July 2010 Mr. Turay voluntarily donated a liter of his blood to save a dying pregnant woman who was in dire need of blood to save her life as she lay at the Princess Christian Memorial Hospital (PCMH) also known as Cottage sick and exhausted.

In an exclusive interview yesterday on his hospital bed where he was briefly put for the donation, Mr. Turay informed that while on his way to a coverage, he received a stressful call from one Mr. Kai-Kai of Sierra Leone National Blood Services (Blood Bank) at the Connaught Hospital informing him of the plight of the pregnant woman who he said was about lose her life for lack of blood. “Upon receiving the distress call, I wasted no time in responding to my duty as a citizen to help save a life,” he informed the Awareness Times, adding that he fortunately and voluntarily donated the required blood to save the poor woman.

Aruna Turay is a member of the Sierra Leone Voluntary Blood Donors’ Association, and has donated 12 (twelve) liters of his precious blood to save lives of several people he knows not over the years.

“As a voluntary blood donor, I don’t care about the identity of those I donate my blood to free of any cost. The only benefit I require is the pride that I have saved a life I don’t know,” said Mr. Turay, adding “the best gift one could give to another person on earth is a drop of his/her precious blood.” He said blood is an integral part of the free Health Care Service as the beneficiaries are the highest demanders of blood.

“I am proud to be a voluntary blood donor and my best moment is when voluntarily donating blood to save another man’s life, he said while in conclusion called on all to join the Sierra Leone Voluntary Blood Donors’ Association and boost the free health care service to save our women and children.

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