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SLPP Councilor Donates to Flood Victims
By Aruna Turay
Jul 14, 2010, 17:16

SLPP Councilor Ibrahim Kabbah aka ‘Small Borbor’ representing the Goderich community in the west end of Freetown has donated items worth millions of Leones to victims of flood that occurred following a heavy downpour of rain a couple of weeks ago along the peninsula road.

This hospitable ceremony was took place at the Goderich Community Centre on Monday 12th July 2010 in the presence of victims. The donated items comprised of eight 50kg bags of imported rice, two bails of used clothing each costing Le 500,000 (five hundred thousand Leones) and various toiletries.

Presenting the donations, Councilor Ibrahim Kabbah said he did it on behalf of his party, the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP). He said notwithstanding the fact that Goderich does not form part of the strongholds of the SLPP, his duty as councilor for Ward 332 is to seek the interest of his subjects. “Ward 332 is part of Sierra Leone and as the name implies, Sierra Leone Peoples Party, we seek the interest of all Sierra Leoneans, regardless of political affiliations, ethnicity, tribe or religion,” Councilor Small Borbor told the beneficiaries. He said on that note he was extending SLPP’s heartfelt sympathy to the victims who have been neglected by APC Councilors within the same constituency.

Ironically, APC Councilor Stef Kabbah Turay representing Ward 332 received the donations on behalf of the flood victims. He thanked his compatriot for such a timely gesture which he described as a very worthy donation to the unfortunate community people. Also one of the affected, Councilor Turay could not conceal his dismay at the neglect displayed by the APC Chairman for Western Rural District Council to the flood victims. He said since that unfortunate occurrence, the council has done nothing to help the victims. “In that respect I unreservedly thank Councilor Kabbah and the SLPP for portraying such a philanthropic gesture towards the people,” he confessed. He however, promised to make representation to the council and see their reaction towards the victims who voted massively for the APC in the last local council elections that ushered in the council.

He further revealed that he had already written a letter to the Disaster Management Unit of the Office of National Security (ONS) on the plight of his people but nothing has been seen, adding that the only donation has come from the SLPP.

Locals blame the flood disaster on the poor road work done by the contractors awarded the contract by ruling APC government for the second phase of the Peninsular Road spanning from Tokey to Lumley.

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