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In Sierra Leone, Senior Editor Graduates with Distinction from London School of Journalism
By Bampia James Bundu
Jul 14, 2010, 17:12

One of the Senior Editors of Awareness Times newspaper, Abdul Karim Kabia (aka Abdul Fonti) has even more reasons to celebrate during the Five Years Celebration of the newspaper as he has been awarded a Diploma with High Distinction from the London School of Journalism, following an 18 months course in News Writing and Journalism.

According to Ken Ahston, one of the British lecturers, “Abdul Karim Kabia has demonstrated many sound aspects of media work and is well equipped now to consider pursuing a career in journalism. His basic skills are solid. His written work is well produced and his research and presentation are sound”.

It is a fact that it is not easy to get a High Distinction from the London School of Journalism.

“I am not surprised that Abdul Karim Kabia has graduated so well. I spotted his potential within the first week he commenced work at Awareness Times,” Dr. Blyden, the newspaper Publisher said, adding that she was looking forward to handing editorial duties back to the young man who had been on a two months study leave to ensure he focussed on his studies. Kabia should rejoin the newspaper’s editorial team soon.

In a brief telephone chat with Kabia last evening, the British-trained journalist expressed elation over his achievement and expressed his determination to continue his sacred responsibility of informing the people without fear or favour.

Abdul Karim Kabia (aka Abdul Fonti) was forced to take on the pseudonym of Abdul Fonti last year following the announcement by the Sierra Leone Police to hunt down both himself and the Publisher over our article about a Fake First Lady in Kailahun. In order for Abdul Karim Kabia to sustain the newspaper’s continued production whilst Dr. Blyden took on the heat alone at the Law Courts, it was agreed upon for Abdul Karim Kabia to take on his father’s middle name of Fonti. The reality is that Abdul Fonti is the same as Abdul Karim Kabia.

Meanwhile, Kabia looks forward to more academic qualifications in the field of journalism. Congrats!

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