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Kadi Sesay’s lead is as Fake as the Poll & the Pollster
By Female Journalist Rachel Horner : Culled from Concord Times July 13th 2010 Edition
Jul 14, 2010, 17:18

It seems certain candidates for the SLPP flag-bearer position are getting desperate and have started engaging in unsavoury tactics to raise their visibility. Why that conclusion? Because it doesn’t take a mathematical genius to know that the so-called “poll” referenced in the article by Alpha Massaquoi (who also goes by Alpha Mansaray – more on this later) titled “As SLPP Flag-bearer contest heats up, Dr. Kadi Sesay takes a commanding lead” is not only a deliberate misrepresentation that is intended to deceive, it belies the reality here on the ground. Politicians and “spin” are no strangers however for spin to be effective; it should be laced with a dose of reality. This unfortunately seems to be an exercise in self-delusion and deceit.

First, the deceit.

Concord Times
received the “poll” by email attachment from but the writer claims his name is Alpha K. Massaquoi. However, on examining the “File-Properties” page of the PDF document, the author is listed as “pmuana”. A quick call to the University of Ghent leaves us in no doubt that no one by the name of Alpha K. Massaquoi or indeed Alpha K. Mansaray is registered there as a student or faculty member. So we cannot even trace the authorship of this poll for clarification from amongst three names, a statistician and epidemiologist. Funny business!

Kadi Sesay is one of the flag-bearer aspirants who have held ministerial positions in previous SLPP governments. We expect her supporters to find instances of leadership and performance excellence in her record to convince the electorate that she is the better candidate to solve our myriad development problems rather than setting out to play games with the Sierra Leone electorate.

Is this the new campaign strategy endorsed by Dr. Kadi Sesay?

: Professor Dr. Patrick Kagbeni Muana (aka pkmuana) has yesterday contacted this medium from his Texas University to totally dissociate himself from what is fast proving to be one of the most shameful & fraudulent incidents in Sierra Leone’s political campaigns. Speaking on the phone line from America, Prof. Muana, the Spokesman for North American Regional Chairman, strongly denounced the fraudulent insertion of his name in Fake Polls by unscrupulous Kadi Sesay campaigners.

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