From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Lawyers Urge APC to respect Separation of Powers
Jul 14, 2010, 17:20

Sierra Leone Bar Association has issued a call for the ruling APC led Government to respect the doctrine of separation of powers that dictates for the Judiciary to be independent in its operations from the Executive arm of Government.

"We note with utter dismay certain misapprehension of the basic principles of governance by government functionaries and feel compelled to alert a seemingly unsuspecting and complacent public of the lurking danger. We note that the executive of government continues to interfere with and usurp the functions of the Judiciary” the Resolutions state adding, “We are aware of orders for unlawful arrests and detention of persons, compulsory eviction and destruction of private property, wrongful demand for release of detainees lawfully arrested, all without due process of law." The Resolutions also bring to the fore other important issues like Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Information, the lapses in the National Constitution and the topical issue of the Inquest planned into the deaths of 29 Sierra Leoneans in December 1992. These calls were included in Resolutions that came out of the lawyers’ recent Annual Conference.

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