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In Sierra Leone, Subscribers Love Zain’s new Fambul Tariffs
By Augustine Samba
Jul 15, 2010, 17:08

Zain has been identified as the leading subscriber-friendly telecommunication company in Sierra Leone.  This was proved by the Awareness Times when our reporter conducted a research in Freetown on how subscribers perceive the company when it comes to cost effectiveness especially with the newly introduced Fambul Tariff. A Zain subscriber Alimamy Kamara said no company will ever claim the position of Zain in terms of quality network and good service delivery apart from its affordability. On another hand the Zain networks one Mr. Kamara underscored is always clear adding that the Fambul Tariff promotion is an excellent delivery that permits subscribers to save income since with it they can talk lengthy for a lesser cost.

Mrs. Isata Turay, a loyal subscriber, who has been connected to Zain for over 8 years, submitted that Zain is synonymous with unique services and innovations. She said there is no network in Sierra Leone that can be provide a one network or internet browser apart from Zain. “My friend Augustine Salia Genda who is studying in Ghana can talk to me through the one network without scratching his head,” she bluffed and informed that like the Fambul Tariff, the international tariffs have aided subscribers to make more international calls to relatives and other loved ones at all times.

Mrs. Martha Thompson of 8 Fort Street in Freetown also expressed similar appreciation to Zain for being the best network and commended the company for its incomparable reliability.

“Two days ago my sister tried to call my son and nephew who are subscribers of different networks, but could not get them even though their phones were on” she said adding that the sooner she tried my Zain I was connected,” Mrs. Thompson narrated adding that with the Fambul Tariff promotion that she recently enrolled in, she is currently enjoying calls from 12pm to 5pm to other Zain subscribers at a minimum cost.

The Zain Fambul Tariff those interviewed said operates for them right around the clock; from 5am to 12pm costing subscribers 12 units per minute and from 12pm to 5pm 9 units per minute only. In addition to this, subscribers can make calls for just 12 units from 5pm to 12am and immediately it hits 12am until 2am, Zain only takes 9 units and best of all, it redeems subscribers by a
llowing them to talk from 2am to 5am for no charge.

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