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In Sierra Leone, Eddie Matthews’ Widow might forgive Stepdaughter
By Dauda Koroma
Jul 15, 2010, 17:12

Princess Mathews Tholley, a step daughter to Mrs. Josephine Mathews, the widow of the late Eddie Matthews, might receive the forgiveness of her step-mother after she went down and prostrated flat on the ground in front of her step-mother in the presence of Awareness Times reporter, a Law Court official and other eye-witnesses a few days ago. The longstanding debacle between stepmother and stepdaughter might finally come to an end if Mrs. Josephine Matthews decides to forgive her stepdaughter.

The latest in the long drawn out imbroglio had seen Princess Matthews take her stepmother to court on Friday 9th July 2010 where Josephine Matthews was arraigned in front of Magistrate Henry Sandy allegedly for malicious damage. The complainant, step-daughter Princess Tholley Matthews, when testifying in court on that day, had been asked by her lawyer Elvis Kargbo to explain exactly what happened between her and the accused, her stepmother with respect to the issue of the malicious damage allegations.

The complainant started testifying that on the 19th April this year at her shop located within the house owned by her Step-mother and late father at 93 Bai Bureh Road, Kissy, she had been attending to customers that came to buy soft drinks in her shop when she saw City Council Officials approaching her shop and asked for the shop licence. She also said that as she was trying to attend to the officials she saw her step mother the accused Mrs. Josephine Moathews enter the shop with shouting that she should quit out of the shop and according to her, Mrs. Josephine Matthews, the accused, started throwing her rubber chairs around which she claimed caused damage to 25 Chairs and also damaged 50 crates of soft drinks.

Princess Tholley Mathew further testified that her step-mother ordered two men named Rashid and Mohamed to destroy even more of the properties inside the shop.

At this point, her lawyer Elvis Kargbo asked for an adjournment which had led the Magistriate Henry Sandy to adjourn the matter to Tuesday 14, July 2010.

After the adjournment of the proceedings which was witnessed in court by Awareness Times, this newspaper received a phone call from the Accused asking for a reporter to be present at what she said was to be a meeting between her and the Complainant, her step-daughter which had been requested by the complainant herself. Upon arriving at the premises, Awareness Times reporter Dauda Koroma witnessed as Princess Matthews Tholley, the complainant prostrated in front of her step mother the accused Mrs. Josephine Mathews as she asked for her forgiveness over all the lies she claimed she had recounted in front of Magistrate Henry Sandy. She confessed that all the allegations were trumped up simply to intimidate her stepmother to become frustrated and leave the country.

Also present at the scene of the begging-for-forgiveness was one Hassan Sawaneh, an official at the Law Courts, Adama Kamara the bar attendant at the 93 Bai Bureh Road Kissy building of the late Eddie Matthews and Rugiatu Kamara, a petty trader at 34 Palmer Street, Wellington.

After Princess Tholley Matthews had emotionally begged and begged her stepmother, it was the turn of Mrs. Josephine Mathews to address the gathering. She expressed willingness to forgive all the past wrongs but said she would only make a public declaration on the issue if the step-daughter Princess Mathews went back to make the apology inside the very same Court where she had said what she was now apologising for.

However, when the matter was called up yesterday 14, July 2010, although the complainant Princess Tholley Mathews and the accused Mrs. Josephine Mathews were both present, the lawyer for the complainant Elvis Kargbo was absent so even thought the Defence Lawyers for Accused were present, the matter did not proceed. Magistrate Sandy has now adjourned the matter to Tuesday 20th July 2010 for further hearing when it is expected that the complainant will publicly apologise to her stepmother.

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