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In Sierra Leone, CORD-SL and partners Launched SSHE Programme in Koya Chiefdom
By Sheku Tanga
Jul 16, 2010, 17:12

In an effort to maintain total sanitation through the SSHE programme in schools communities located in the rural areas, a Local Non Governmental Organization, CORD Sierra Leone in partnership with Goal Sierra Leone has launched the School Sanitation and Hygiene Education program (SSHE) Program targeting five primary schools in the Koya chiefdom Kenema district.


The programme will benefit schools that lack access to basic water supply and sanitation services in order to reduce incidence of major childhood illnesses among their students. Poor health is an important underlying factor for low school enrolment, absenteeism, poor classroom performance, and early school dropout.

The School Sanitation and Hygiene Education program (SSHE) concentrates on the school environment, with focus on sanitation facilities and hygiene education in the education programs. It deals with the total package of sanitary conditions, facilities available in and around the school compound, promotion of hygienic conditions at the school, and the fostering of practices of school staff and children that help to prevent water and sanitation related diseases.

The Regional Coordinator of CORD Sierra Leone, East Saidu B. Freeman explained that the importance of good school sanitation systems is especially critical in the rural context since households and schools lack proper sanitation facilities. He noted that unless the situation is corrected, school pupils will continue to grow-up thinking that the existing sanitation and hygiene practices are the correct norms. He said a good school sanitation system on the other hand will serve as their role model for good sanitation and hygiene!

The CORD Regional Coordinator added that the SSHE programme will help develop life skills that are to cope with life through hygiene management and encouraged the school pupils to serve as ambassadors in communicating the best hygiene practices to their parents at home. The training also targeted adopted family members on the importance of SSHE aimed at interfacing and collaborating with each other in order to improve on sanitation in the area.

The Paramount Chief representative for Koya Chiefdom Momoh Koroma lauded the development initiative of CORD Sierra Leone and partners and assured all of the chiefdom peopleís commitments towards the success of the programme. Chief Momoh Koroma on behalf the chiefdom appealed to CORD Sierra Leone and Goal Ireland for the erection of a court Barry and more health centre to address the appalling health situation in the area.

Baindu Konneh a councilorís representative and a teachers representative Mustapha A. Koroma all made meaningful statements in respect of the programme.

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