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APC Honorable Sets His Development Pace
By Mohamed Kabba
Jul 19, 2010, 12:30

Honorable for the ruling All Peopleís Congress (APC) Party representing constituency 33 in the Bombali District, North of Sierra Leone Honorable Sulaiman Sesay, has over the weekend called his constituents to a developmental meeting in a bid to develop their Chiefdoms.


It could be recalled that, the said constituency was represented in Parliament by Eddie Turay, now High Commissioner to Britain. In less than three months in parliament, the Honorable has for the first time in the history of constituency 33, called all the three chiefdoms in the constituency to engage them on how best they can develop their chiefdoms collaboratively.


The Chairman for the programme, Dominic A. Turay, thanked their people for leaving their busy schedule to attend to the meeting which according to him, has indicated that, they have confidence in their elected Parliamentarian.


In his message to his people, the paramount chief of Gbendembu Ngoahu, PC Kandeh Baba Keiya III, described the APC party as a suckling Mother who ensures all are children are well fed. As Paramount Chief, we are committed to development and Democracy, the Chief said.


The Paramount Chief for Gbanti Kamaranka Chiefdom, PC Kandeh Pariah, described the event as a remarkable day especially in his time as Chief to witnessed such a great occasion which has never happened in their chiefdoms. Chief Kandeh Pariah thank the honorable for the initiative and called on all descendants from the constituency to come on the development trail, and support the government of His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma for development and good governance.


The coordinator for ĎGo Bi Foí, a locally based World Bank funded programme, Sullay Sesay, said their project is based on helping poor rural Chiefdoms in the country as at now, he maintain, they are operating in 84 villages in Bombali and 40 villages in Bonthe.

Mr. Sullay Sesay pledged the total commitment of their organization to both the people and the honorable parliamentarian towards achieving the dreams of the honorable.


In his message to his constituents, the APC Member of Parliament representing constituency 33 in the Bombali District Honorable Sulaiman Sesay, stated that during his campaign to be elected, he assured his people that, he is going to represent them in Parliament and ensured that he worked very hard to bring development to his constituency.


The Honorable informed the audience that, at present government is building a hospital at Rogbin, construction of Senior Secondary School at Rokulan and Kamaranka to reduce the burden on parents sending their children to big towns for senior secondary schoolings.

In the area of agriculture, the Honorable stated that, he has purchased one tractor which will be used solely for the constituency to increase food productions and further informed the gathering that, he had cultivated 130 acres of rice farm from which he intends to give to his people, several bags of seedlings by the next farming season.


In the area of road network, Honorable Sesay said at present the government discussions on the Makeni - Kamakwei highway work will soon commence but he urged citizens to inculcate the values of paying their taxes.


ďRoad works and other development initiatives cannot be completed if you do not pay your taxes, because it is this money government is using to bring development in our communities,Ē the MP concluded.


Contributions were made by Bailor Timbo from Rokulan, the ruling APCís deputy secretary-general, deputy womenís leader, the District Councilís Deputy Chairman and various other dignitaries within and outside Constituency 33, in Bombali District.

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