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Jul 20, 2010, 17:02



Thieves Disarm Security Guard in Kenema

Reports from Kenema City, Eastern Sierra Leone say robbers recently disarmed OSD personnel of the Sierra Leone Police Force who was on guard at a residence of a Diamond Magnate while sleeping on duty.  He was reportedly disarmed of his AK 47 weapon which the robbers used to terrorize the retired community at about 3:00 am and subsequently gained entrance to the premises.  The news of armed robbers of having made away with a gun is said to have created the sensation of fear amongst residents. The police officer was reportedly denied response from colleagues as he was attacked. Police are investigating according to reports. 

Arms Discovered at Aberdeen

Two guns and 30 ammunitions have reportedly been discovered by technicians of the Guma Valley Water Company at Aberdeen village on Saturday 17th July 2010. The arms were reportedly found buried in the compound of No. 3 John Lane, close to the community field wrapped in a piece of cloth.  Police are currently investigating the matter.

The Physically Challenged to Storm VPs Office

Local tabloids have it that aggrieved disabled workers attached to the Free Health Care Section of Medical Store at New England Ville are panning to go on the rampage by storming the Vice Presidents office in protest over their three months back log salaries. According to reports, the disgruntled disabled persons were contacted by the VPs office to be in charge of marking out all free health care materials in order to prevent pilferage, but that their salaries have been held without explanation even after several authorities have been informed about such ugly development.  

Hon. Eric Jumu Declares for SLPP Flag Bearer

Reports have stated that the Hon. Eric Jumu of the SLPP, one of the parliamentarians representing the Bo District in Southern Sierra Leone over the weekend declared his intention for the party flag bearer position ahead of the 2011 National Delegates Conference. The MP is reported as saying that he declared for the candidacy because of the prevailing situations and trend of events within the party. He is reported to have said that if elected, he would unite the party and ensure victory come 2012. 

Mother Arrested For Child Cruelty

One Madam Fatmata Conteh of No. 4A Black Hall Road in the east end of the city is reported of helping the Family Support Unit of the Harbor Police Station for an alleged child cruelty. The accused on Saturday 10th July allegedly burnt the hands of her four years old daughter for stealing fish from a sauce that was given to her for someone of the same address.  This cruel act by the mother reportedly led to her arrest and detention in order to curb violence against children and women that is on the increase in Sierra Leone.

Police Detain Child Trafficker

Reports from Tonkolili District, Northern Province allege that personnel of the SLP attached to the Mile 91 Police Station over the weekend arrested man attempting to traffic a nine-year-old boy from a village called Mathoir in Yoni Chiefdom. The attempted human trafficking reportedly took place on a crowded usual Friday market day.  He was reportedly apprehended at Masiaka by a combined team of police and the lads parents as the trafficker attempted to further his journey to Guinea.  Nine-year-old Abdulia who was lured into following the unknown man after buying food stuff from him was vigorously pursued by parents until he was sought the following day on Saturday.  Police have warned parents to take great care of their children, while the accused remains in custody.

Youths Angry With APC MP

Youths of Constituency 101 in Freetown have reportedly expressed disappointment over their Hon. Member of Parliaments for abandoning his constituents since he was elected in 2007. A cross section of youths recently described Hon. Abdul Raham Kamara as unpatriotic and wicked because as according to them he does not care for anybody in that constituency. The youth have reportedly preferred the past SLPP MP to the current APC Hon. Kamara.

Rape on the increase in Kono

50/50 Group representative from Kono has reportedly revealed that rape is on the increase in the district. According to reports the groups representative, the law has not taken its full course in treating rape matters.  This concern was reportedly raised by the  50/50 group member after the observation that many matters brought before the Family Support Unit are being withdrawn for in house settlement.  This has increased the level of impunity as even recently a chiefdom speaker is said to have recently raped another under aged girl at his Bungalow.

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