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In Sierra Leone, Clergy Man Demands Ban on Masquerades by Govít
By Augustine Samba
Jul 20, 2010, 17:06

Reverend Archibold J. Cole on Sunday 18th July 2010 strongly recommended to His Excellency President Koroma to ban the display of masquerade devils in all public holiday celebrations in the city.

The man of God made this strong appeal while offering prayers to mark the national day of repentance and thanksgiving that climaxed the 90 days fasting and prayer observance at the National Stadium in Freetown.

Rev. Archibold J. Cole in his exhortation said Sierra Leone is a nation where people have associated themselves with so much evil and wickedness, noting that when the word of God is not exhausted a nation will not progress.  He informed that the suffering of this nation can not be disassociated from the evil practices and wrong doings of our people.

President Koroma makeing joyful speech at the ceremony

ďIf it were a masquerade display today this Stadium would have filled to capacity but people hardly come out in their numbers to worship God,Ē he lamented.¬† He therefore implored the president to see to it that after the end of the prayer session and through out, he should ban masquerade devils on holy days in the country, as according to him we can only see the success of this nation, our leaders and subjects should not be associated with evil practices in their offices and other places.

Further more, he prayed for an alter to be built on this nation as he subjected president Korma to a prayer he called tens of clergy men to surround the president and interjections were also made by the president, the mayor and members of the clergy. 

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