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In Sierra Leone, LUC Damns Irresponsible Reporting
By Aruna Turay
Jul 21, 2010, 17:52

The Local Unit Commander of the Lumley Police Division, Chief Superintendent Alhaji Gibril Kabba-Kamara has damned irresponsible reporting by certain journalists. He said he was totally at dismay over the manner some press men unprofessionally carry out the trade with the tarnishing of the characters of respected individuals and institutions in Sierra Leone through unchecked publications.


He made this expression on Tuesday 20th July 2010 in an exclusive interview at the police station in reaction to an article published in one of the local newspapers on Monday 19th July 2010 in which the he said the author of the said article falsely named Lumley Police Division in a matter that has nothing to do with them.  He said the article in question falsely claimed that Lumley Police Division is notorious for releasing criminals, adding that the author also foolishly stated that the Lumley Division recently released a 419ner who duped an American investor the sum of US$.11000, 000 from custody.  In reality, both incidents took place at the Ross Road Police Division, not here at Lumley, the furious officer intimated.


He said journalists must cross check stories before going to press. It was on Saturday 17th July that a certain young man called and introduced himself as a Journalist, demanding to cross check whether it was from my Division that a 419er was released, he informed. He said he replied him in the negative.  But he went ahead to contact my crime officer, Detective Inspector Mohamed Amara who also made the same confirmation, he informed, adding that they then invited the unknown journalist to visit the Division for more clarification which he never deed.


LUC Kabba-Kamara took the opportunity to admonish colleague practitioners to be careful in their reporting to avoid creating acrimony in society.

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