From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

An Unfortunate Statement from Kadi Sesay’s Team
By Dauda Koroma
Jul 21, 2010, 18:02

The decision by Dr. Kadi Sesay’s misguided Elections Team to take on the country’s two leading female journalists in the Print Media over commendable efforts to bust a corrupt act by Kadi Sesay’s supporters has been described by many political analysts as an act of political foolishness and a clear indication of the naivety of the persons behind the unscrupulous and unethical action undertaken by supporters of Dr. Kadi Sesay.

Awareness Times published by Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden together with Concord Times’ Rachel Horner had recently brought to the fore, the revelation that a certain poll, placing Dr. Kadi Sesay at the lead of SLPP Flagbearer aspirants, was nothing but a fraudulent action by unscrupulous supporters of a Sierra Leone presidential aspirant.

“It is not Rachel Horner and Sylvia Blyden who made up a fake poll putting Kadi Sesay in the lead so why is Dr. Kadi Sesay endorsing an attack on them? All what these two great female journalists have done is to expose the fraudulent actions by unscrupulous supporters of Kadi Sesay. What Dr. Kadi Sesay should have done is thank the newspapers and make corrections to ensure such fraudulent actions never happen again,” said Alhaji Marah, the Awareness Times correspondent in Kabala.

“What Kadi Sesay’s team should have done is to issue a big thank you to Rachel Horner for uncovering the fraud and then distanced Kadi Sesay from the unscrupulous actions of her unscrupulous supporters. Instead, she has endorsed her Team to issue an unfortunate press release against journalists which has simply shown she has not the moral backbone to lead Sierra Leone. She will just be locking up journalists if she becomes President,” said Agnes Mansaray, an observer of politics in Sierra Leone who is also a strong SLPP supporter in Central Freetown.

“Why is Kadi Sesay attacking Awareness Times and Concord Times for exposing the unethical and corrupt act of making up a fake poll by Kadi Sesay’s supporters? In my opinion, if Kadi Sesay becomes President of Sierra Leone, she will issue angry Statements against any journalist who patriotically exposes corruption amongst her Cabinet Ministers,” said Augustine Samba, a political reporter at Awareness Times, adding that, “as a mere flagbearer  aspirant, she is issuing angry statements to insult newspapers who expose corruption by her supporters so if she becomes President, she will just be locking journalists up all over the place if they dare to write about corruption in her Government”.

“Our understanding was that Dr. Kadi Sesay is out of the country but our expectation was that as soon as she returned, she would, firstly publicly condemn the unethical act undertaken by her unscrupulous supporters who faked a poll to mislead the world and then she would also sincerely thank Concord Times and Awareness Times for exposing the fraudulent act but now it seems journalists are being vilified by Kadi Sesay for exposing a fraudulent and corrupt act,” Mr. Momoja Lappia, a Political Analyst at Awareness Times said last evening.

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