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Sierra Leone's former Anti Corruption Boss Hails Ruling Party Leader
Jul 21, 2010, 18:08

Sierra Leone’s former Anti-Corruption Commissioner has been quoted by a pro-Government newspaper as having lavished praises on President Ernest Bai Koroma last Saturday July 17th 2010. The praises have vindicated  the continuing disdain for Abdul Tejan-Cole from the country’s main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party.


According to the last edition of  TORCHLIGHT, Mr. Tejan-Cole is now the Africa Regional Director at Open Society Institute of Billionaire George Soros and it was in this capacity that he addressed a Panel at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary last Saturday July 17th 2010, during which he is quoted as categorically stating the President is a courageous leader whom, at no time during Abdul Tejan-Cole’s  ACC tenure, ever interfered with Tejan-Cole’s work against corruption in Sierra Leone.

Whilst apparently blaming the entire political society for the glaring failure to fight corruption in Sierra Leone, Tejan-Cole does not hesitate to clarify further his singular admiration for Koroma by lecturing that “Political Will” was not limited to only President Koroma’s will but that of all political actors. Continuing still on the issue, Tejan-Cole reportedly said without the wide political will, Governments’ statements against corruption will be empty rhetoric but then, he went on to commend the APC-led Parliament and the APC Leader, President Koroma for their “courage” in enacting the Anti-Corruption Act of 2008 and National Anti-Corruption Strategy.

Meanwhile, the main opposition Leader, John Oponjo Benjamin, has told Awareness Times that he was “not at all surprised” to see Tejan-Cole “heap praises on  APC Leader as APC Leader & Tejan-Cole have always been in league”.


John Benjamin however reserved his comments on the reported innuendoes of Tejan-Cole that blamed every other political actor but Tejan-Cole and President Koroma for the widespread corruption in Sierra Leone.


“Let me first confirm if Tejan Cole was correctly quoted. If he was, I will have quite a lot more to say about Tejan Cole. For now, the position of the SLPP remains unchanged; which is that Tejan-Cole did not do much to stop the truly corrupt actors like Foreign Minister Zainab Bangura but had merely used ACC as a platform to seek a lucrative, international job,”  Mr. Benjamin said yesterday shortly before flying out to attend an ECOWAS Meet in Abidjan.

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