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In Sierra Leone, Subscribers Welcome Zain ‘Fambul Tariff’
By Augustine Samba
Jul 21, 2010, 17:59

Thousands of subscribers of Sierra Leone’s leading Telecommunication Network,  Zain have expressed their total appreciation and satisfactory over the Company’s new Promo, ‘Fambul Tariff.’

To substantiate the company values and the subscribers optimism about the Fambul Tarriff Promotion our reporter yesterday conducted a research to find out how subscribers are utilizing this new promotion.

First among tens of students interviewed was Mr. John Williams of Fourah Bay College who excitedly informed that Zain was a father of unique and special promotions that can not be easily delivered by its counterparts. “Have you ever seen one Network in the service delivery of any other Network besides Zain?” he fondly asked, adding that his observations are that whenever Zain opened an initiative that is afforded by other companies they soon follow.

An Excited Zain Subscriber Enjoying the Fambul Tariff

“When Zain introduced the Unlimited Call we saw what happened as many promotions followed such as ‘Build our Nation’ Promotion, the ‘International Calls’ and the ‘World Cup’ Promotions,” he asserted. The Fambul Tariff, Mr. Williams disclosed is a special gift and divine grace in sympathizing with the economic situation to talk more and pay less.  “At this moment of GST, Zain has automatically transformed itself into another paradise by extending more facilities and opportunities to subscribers,” he concluded.

Our reporter also spoke to the Editor of the Senator Newspaper, one of the beneficiaries of the ‘Fambul Tariff’ who had earlier expressed interest to speak on the Promo. Mr. Prince Kamara full of zeal and enthusiasm said he has to fear to speak to anybody at this moment. “My 100 Units can now be enjoyed by speaking to as many people as possible either within seconds or minutes,” he disclosed.  He further informed that Zain is his own Network with no other recognition of other networks. He used this opportunity to appeal to the company to extend ‘Fambul Tariff’ where an organization or office phone and pay less in speaking with their customers or clients.

Many other subscribers also made similar commendations for Zain in the opinion pool conducted. It interests readers to know that all Zain subscribers are members/beneficiaries of this ‘Fambul Tariff’ Promotion.

The Head of Corporate Affairs and Communications, Mr. Kelvin Kellie yesterday told the Awareness Times that from 5am subscribers are not charged. “It was a free gift, and from 12am-2am, 9 units per minute; and similarly between 12 pm to 5pm. Mr. Kellie further informed that there is no limitation to ‘Fambul Tariff’ promo as in his words   ‘it was round the clock business.’  He said from 5am to 12pm the unit was also billed at 12 units per minute and from 5pm to 12 am 12 units per minute, and that currently all calls are billed per second.

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