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In Sierra Leone, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara to replace Abdul Tejan-Cole
By Sylvia O. Blyden
Jul 23, 2010, 18:56

The President of the Sierra Leone Bar Association, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara Esq. has confirmed to this writer yesterday that he had accepted the nomination of him by H.E. the President, as the next Commissioner of the Anti Corruption Commission; subject to the approval of the House of Parliament.


If approved by Parliament, Lawyer Kamara will become the automatic replacement for the erstwhile ACC Boss, Abdul Tejan-Cole Esq. who resigned from the post in the first week of May this year.

Although Tejan-Cole had stated no reasons for his resignation, some people had surmised that it could have been as a result of political interference from the Ernest Koroma led APC Government. However, last weekend at a University in Central Europe, Mr. Tejan-Cole had words of praises for President Koroma whom he described as a courageous leader who never interfered with his work at the ACC.

Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara: President's Nominee for ACC Commissioner

It is worthwhile to note that Tejan-Cole had long since lost the confidence of the country’s main opposition party, the SLPP, after several representations made by SLPP for corruption in high places to be investigated, all got rebuffed by Tejan-Cole. The SLPP Leadership has severally expressed their belief that Tejan-Cole had all along been in league with the ruling APC to give the regime an ill-deserved semblance of zero tolerance for corruption to the international donor community.


Already last evening, there has been some reservations from certain quarters that Joseph Kamara might turn out to be just another Tejan-Cole in failing to investigate and unearth the facts behind shady and corrupt deals like the Indian Rice Saga involving the Foreign Minister Zainab Hawa Bangura or her illegal employment of several persons at the Foreign Ministry. Joseph Kamara is seen by many to be “too close” to State House and the ruling APC Party. However, it is a fact that under his leadership as President of the Bar, the Sierra Leone Bar Association has recently issued probably the strongest ever Bar Association censure of a Sierra Leone Government in the last decade. The Bar Association had slammed the Government for interfering within the Judiciary and for carrying out extra-judicial means of satisfying ill motives.

From the short telephone chat with this writer last evening, it is clear that Lawyer Joseph Kamara does not underestimate the task at hand in front of him should he get to be approved by Parliament. Whether he will prove to be up to the task, is a matter that only time will reveal.

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