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In Sierra Leone, Awareness Times Apologises to John Yambasu
Jul 26, 2010, 13:03

The Editorial Board of Awareness Times has issued an unreserved apology to Kono District Local Government Chairman, John Yambasu for carrying on our news briefs section, a report that had placed Yambasu in bad light. The report, by FBCs Mass Communications University Graduate Augustine Samba, had inadvertently passed our strict editorial oversight to make its way into our News Briefs pages last Friday.

Chairman John Yambasu was quite magnanimous in accepting the apology which was personally rendered to him by the Publisher Sylvia Blyden.

I have the highest possible respect for your newspaper and so do many in Kono District. I know it was an oversight and I accept your apology, John Yambasu said.

The Report was published locally but was not published on our international news outlets as its erroneous content was quickly detected before it got uploaded to the Internet.

Mr. Augustine Samba will be writing a formal Letter of Apology to Chairman John Yambasu with immediate effect and has been placed on a Strict and Final warning over publishing incorrect reports on News Briefs sections.

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