From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

I Have No Preferred SLPP Candidate - Dr Blyden
By Dauda Koroma
Jul 26, 2010, 12:55

Publisher of Awareness Times has last weekend made it categorically clear that she has neither preference nor abhorrence for any of the respected aspirants for the Sierra Leone People’s Party Flag-bearer contest. Dr. Sylvia Blyden, who wields significant influence within Sierra Leone, was addressing a group of supporters of female aspirant Dr. Kadi Sesay, who had paid a visit to her to lobby for her support especially in light of recent negative news publication about a suspect Poll placing Dr. Kadi in the lead.

“I hold no personal animosity against Dr. Kadi Sesay. I have certain reservations I have privately expressed to her especially her continued retention of the executive position of Deputy Chairman/Leader whilst fighting with non-executive, ordinary members for the position of Flagbearer. This, I consider to be totally untenable and a betrayal of the expected level playing field for such a keen contest. She already knows my views on this but as far as qualifications go; Dr. Kadi Sesay, Aunty Kadi Sesay, has all the qualifications to be President of Sierra Leone and even more! Truly, truly I have nothing against her personally. I am fond of her and she is like an adopted aunt of mine but for now, sincerely speaking I have no preferred candidate nor do I have any abhorred candidate amongst the respected ones so far,” Blyden assured her visitors.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kadi Sesay returned back to Freetown last Friday from a trip out of the country only to be met with a worrying situation of finding her eldest child seriously ill and admitted at the Intensive Care Unit of Choithram Memorial Hospital at Hill Station. Contacted by Awareness Times, the very worried mother was distraught over her 36 years old daughter’s medical condition but expressed that her family was prayerful for Allah to take control. The Awareness Times team joins other well-wishers to pray for a speedy recovery of the ailing daughter of this eminent and highly respected female Sierra Leonean Presidential aspirant.

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