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In Sierra Leone, Hon. Elizabeth Lavalie to replace "Ray-Day-Hun APC Government
Jul 28, 2010, 17:26

Supporters of female Presidential SLPP aspirant, Hon. Elizabeth Alpha-Lavalie have told Awareness Times yesterday that their preferred aspirant should become the next President of Sierra Leone in order to “replace this current Raydayrahun APC Government”.

In the local Creole language, ‘Raydayrahun’ is a description of headless, non-directional behavior; usually engaged upon by persons with little or no focus. In order to justify their use of such a stinger against the President Koroma led Government, the youthful supporters of Lavalie cited a series of instances where one Government functionary will come up with a certain position only for another functionary to debunk it as rubbish.

Hon. Elizabeth Alpha-Lavalie whose supporters say APC’s regime is a Raydayrahun one

“Permanent Secretary at Fisheries makes appointments and the next day, the Government Human Resource department debunks the appointments. Airports board makes appointment only for the NCP Chairman to debunk the appointment. SALWACO Board makes appointment only for another arm of Government to reverse it. BKPS also in same scenario with Mr. Tagoe appointed, de-appointed and re-appointed. NPA Board approves increase in salaries and the next thing you know, Energy Minister Ogunlade overturns the salary increase! Bumbuna on today and off tomorrow. Everything is zigzag and mix-up. We are living under a Raydayrahun APC Government and this is one of the reasons why Hon. Elizabeth Lavalie wants to save this country,” said Mr. Brian, a Liz Lavalie supporter.


When Hon. Elizabeth Lavalie was contacted last night on the issue, she was more subtle in her choice of words but yet she re-echoed the sentiments.

H.E. President Koroma: Is it true Sir that you are running a Raydayrahun Government?

“People are confused because there does not seem to be any fine chain of command in the country. Everyone seems to just be accountable to him or herself. There is no central authority. This is one of the reasons why I am putting myself forward to restore sanity into Government,” Hon. Lavalie said. The female SLPP aspirant also cited a lack of National reconciliation, cohesion and unity as well as deteriorating human rights conditions as other factors propelling her bid to become the President of Sierra Leone come 2012.


Meanwhile, all efforts to get the APC party Spokesman Hon. Alpha Kanu or the APC Government Spokesman Hon. I.B. Kargbo for their reactions to allegations of them running an “APC RayDayRaHun Government” proved futile as went to press.


Meanwhile on our Centerspread pages is a Profile of Hon. Lavalie placed by her supporters.

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