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Jul 28, 2010, 17:24

1968- I was employed by the Standard Chartered Bank ( then the Standard Bank of British West Africa)

1971- I went for further studies to London. I enrolled at the South West London College to pursue a Banking Diploma course.

1975- I returned home to Sierra Leone and was re-employed by the Standard Chartered Bank (SL) having attained  the Banking Diploma and became an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (ACIB) I was the first crop of  Professional Bankers in Sierra Leone.

During my banking career, I also delivered lectures to Banking Students at the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM).

1987- I took up employment with the National Development Bank as Bank Manager. To enhance my Banking  career I studied Law and Insurance.

1996- I changed career from Banking to full time Politics. 

I was registered as a member of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) in 1967.

I was motivated by my parents to cultivate an interest in politics in general and in the SLPP in particular. My father Hon. J.E.H Tucker was then a member of parliament representing Bo South for the SLPP and I did all in my power to actively support him. He later became Deputy Speaker of Parliament. The SLPP was ousted from power in 1967 but my family remained strong party members and me a fervent activist.

The declaration of the one party state in 1978 by president Stevens sent us under ground.


1991- I became actively involved in politics in 1991 when multi party was declared by president Joseph Saidu Momoh.

I joined the few party members who were bold enough to openly associate themselves with the SLPP and became the internal auditor of the party.

1992-  The multi party political process was rudely interrupted by the coup of 1992 when the NPRC took over the reins of power.



During the war years, we the committed SLPP members did all we could to keep the party alive though we operated underground.

Eastern Region Defence Committee (ERED COM) was formed to help prosecute the war. All of the members of (ERED COM) were SLPP Members this kept the party alive. My Husband Dr. Alpha Mohamed Lavalie was founders and chairman. I was with the kamajors in Kailahun when it was first liberated. As president of Zonta International I was involved in providing humanitarian assistance to the displaced population from Pujehun and Kailahun District resident in Kenema.

I started a vocational training centre (The Nongowa Vocational Training Centre) in Kenema to cater for the

needs of war affected girls, young women, early school leavers and illiterate women to empower them for survival during the war. This centre is now fully recognized and supported by government (government assisted). It is the No 1 Vocational Training Centre in Kenema.


1995  At the height of the war, I organised a peace rally whilst the  co-ordinator of the womens movement for peace (Eastern Region). Tens of thousands of women participated in this rally (Old, middle aged and young). The result was the attack on the township of Kenema by rebels was abated.

I visited several districts including Kono and Kailahun to spread the message of peace. A land mark was the peaceful resolution by me of the long drawn conflict between the Motor Drivers Union  (MDU) and the Sierra Leone Professional Drivers Association (SLPDA)  in  Kono.

1996  I was in charge of the elections co-ordination and monitoring, which brought our party the SLPP back to power. 



1995  A member of the pressure group in Bo for the return to civilian rule. I made regular visits to camps in Bo to give hope to the displaced population, preach the gospel of peace and keep the fire of SLPP burning in their hearts.

Helped organise the repatriation of the displaced to their original localities.  Made  financial contribution for the purchase of fuel. Also provided 20 bushels of seed rice and assorted vegetable seeds, fertilizers, rice, milk, sugar, and vegetable oil to the returnees to assist them to settle down and start life afresh in their towns and villages. 

Organized womens groups to start agricultural programs.

1996  Represented the women of the south in Bintumani I & II conferences and was very instrumental in     the return to civilian rule to the SLPP Government.

2001 I facilitated a project wherein forty youths were trained in local building material production in Bargbo and Lugbu chiefdoms; this project was sponsored by NaCSA. Facilitated the DDR peace building programme in four chiefdoms: Bargbo, Lugbu, Jaiama Bongo and Wonde where ten community animators were trained and a total of eighty (80) people sensitized on peace building.

Facilitated a NaCWAC funded pilot project for skills training and micro Enterprise Management for rural youths Bargbo and Lugbu chiefdoms were beneficiaries.

2002  Commissioned and financed CORD SL to do project proposal in both Bargbo and Lugbu chiefdoms for submission to the Ministry of Education and NaCSA. This facilitated the construction of several schools in the chiefdoms.

Advocated for the World Vision to take over the humanitarian assistance to Bargbo chiefdom rather than through third party ACIF.

2004  Facilitated the sensitization on maternal mortality to help reduce the death of pregnant women.

This was done in collaboration with the Network of Women Ministers and Parliamentarians through the support of UNFPA. Twenty maternal mortality monitors were trained and forty sensitized on the use of condoms for family planning.

Advocated for World Vision to engage in development projects in two chiefdoms Bargbo and Lugbu. Presented projects for a maternity health centre for Mano Yogbor and schools which are now completed.

Advocated for the setting up of the Area Development project(child sponsorship) by World Vision

. Presently six hundred (600) children are being sponsored by World Vision America by the provision of Fees, books, teaching and learning materials. Construction of dwelling houses,         schools and clinics to meet the needs of those children in there various communities,        

Fully supported Local council elections by engaging in sensitization, in the registration exercise, in monitoring the elections and the provision of logistic for the campaign.(vehicle, P. A. system etc.)

2005 Undertook the HIV/AIDS sensitization programme sponsored by SHARP to NGOs in Niagorehun, Kpetewoma.

2006 HIV/AIDS sensitization sponsored by SHARP to Parliamentarians at Bumkaku and Yambama.

2007 Sponsored football matches ( inter sectional at constituency Bo South II now Bo District No. 9, now Constituency 75.

2010 Sponsored 40 youths with scholarships for tuition fees from Jss 1 to sss 111



In the quest for peace in Sierra Leone, I joined the Mano River Women Peace Network  (MARWOPNET) to meet the Northern women in Makeni to solicit their support to talk to the warring factions RUF, CDF, and Government Forces.



2000 Initiated skills training programmes for women at the No.9 community, Spur Road.

Held regular meetings to sensitize the people to support the SLPP.

2005 Sponsored a football gala (Ages 8-14) boys and married a single women

Offered eight scholarships to school children in that community and two trophies for both categories.



1997 Whilst in exile in Guinea, headed an organization-Women In Action (WIA) to cater for the needs of Sierra Leonean Refugees and to empower them for their return to Sierra Leone.

Visited all the camps housing Sierra Leonean Refugees providing them with food and clothing, skills training and holding lectures and seminars.

Various other activities were embarked upon to keep hope alive.

As a political focal point and then the chairperson resource mobilization committee of the Mano River Women Peace Network (MARWOPNET), I was engaged in the sub regional initiative for peace in the Mano River region.

I introduced the MARWOPNET for recognition at the ECOWAS Parliament. This organization also subsequently received an award of recognition from the United Nations (UN).



I am one of the best debaters in Parliament.

Has supported Government bills and policies.

Champion in the advocacy for:

Womens Empowerment

That Education is  right not a privilege

Government to pay public exams thus lessening the burden on parents

Girl child Education

Free Primary Education

Free Education for girls in Secondary Schools (JSS1-JSS3)

Free health care service for  pregnant women and children

Macro credit scheme

Cooperative Loan Scheme

Infrastructural development

Agricultural development and many others


As the chair person of the Finance committee and as a chair person of the Public Accounts committee, I advocated for the following:

Establishment of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) to consolidated revenue collection (Department of Income tax and Customes merged).

Strengthening Public accountability by changing the laws to Government Budgeting and Accountability Act and enacting the Anti Corruption Act.

Strengthening the award of contracts to reduce leakages. Now we have an act to take care of Public Procurement

Continuous oversight functions of the Ministries, Departments and Agencies. (MDAs) for good democratic and fiscal governance.



Advocated for

The Liberalization of trade

Harmonization of tariffs

Ratification of protocols conventions and agreement

Integration of the sub region

Rights of Women and Children

The promotion of peace and regional security

Free movement of persons and goods

Strengthen Democracy and Human Rights



Participated in elections monitoring and observation
Fact finding missions on preparedness for election
Mechanism for early warning signs
Peaceful Resolution of conflicts
Mission to troubled areas to forestall eruption of conflict
Instrumental in getting the LURD to the negotiating table in Liberia.

I am sure that all of the foregoing which is just part of my national duty fortify the request for the symbol for the flag bearer / Presidential candidate for the Sierra Leone Peoples Party.(SLPP).



NAME:   Elizabeth Tygsona Alpha-Lavalie (A.C.I.B) (Hon. Mrs)

DATE OF BIRTH:       5th January 1947

RELIGION:         Christian   

NATIONALITY:            Sierra Leonean

MARITAL STATUS:   Widow, 4 (four children)


1985              Sierra Leone Insurance Association

1983 1985       Freetown Law tutors/University of London(External Student)

1971 1975       South West London College

1959 1966       Annie Walsh Memorial School

1952 1959       Regent Square Municipal School



                   Associations of Chartered Institute of Bankers

            (London) Sierra Leone Professional Bankers Associations.


                        Association of Chartered Institute of Bankers


                        LLB (Inter) London

                        Middle Management Insurance Certificate

                        G C E OLevel


Short listed candidate for Parliamentarian of the year awards (2009)

Short listed candidate for Parliamentarian of the year awards (2003)

Presidential National Honours Awards

ommander of the Order of the Republic of Sierra Leone (CORSL) (2007)



2009 Vice President Sierra Leone Female Parliamentary Caucus (SLEFPAC)

2008 Governor National Governing Council of the APRM

Chairman Sierra Leone Parliamentary Action Group on Population and Development (SLPAGPD)

2007 to date    Chairman - Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) Parliamentary Council

Chairman Parliamentary Human Rights Committee                

                        Member Public Accounts Committee

                        Finance Committee

                        Lands & Environment Committee

                        Trade Committee

2005 date        Emminent member of the ECOWAS Council of the wise

2001 2007       Deputy Speaker of Parliament

Chairman Public Accounts Committee

2000 2005       Ecowas Parliamentarian 2nd Rappateur Committee on Foreign Affairs Peace & Security

1995 2002       Assistant Secretary General SLPP

1996 2002       Chairman Parliamentary Finance Committee

1996 1997       Chairman Health and Social Services Parliamentary Committee

1996 2007  Member: Education Parliamentary Committee

                          Information and Broadcasting Committee

                          Transport & Communication Committee

                          Parliamentary  Committee on Peace &  Reconciliation

             Treasurer:  Women Ministers and Parliamentarians Network


1994 date        Proprietress /Founder - Nongowa Vocational Training Center

1987 1996       Bank Manager


Founding Member - Mano River Women Peace Network (MARWOPNET)

Founding Member  - 50/50 Group                                           President Women in Action

Past President -   Zonta International

Co-ordinator Womens Movement for Peace (Eastern Region)

Co-ordinator Bagbo Rural Development Organization (BARDO)

Former Chairman Jimmy Bagbo Government Secondary School Board of Governors

Former Treasurer Parliament/Civil Society Consultative Forum

UMC Church Student of Theology


Reading, Traveling, Advocating for a culture of Peace and reconciliation, Promoting Education and Economic Empowerment for Women and Children.

Have attended participated and presented papers in many national and international conferences workshops, seminars and training sessions in the following and many more:

- Empowerment of women and children

- Democracy and Human Right

- Peace Building and Reconciliation

- Leadership Training for women

- Good Governance

- Health and Sanitation

- Education Formal and Non-formal

- Preparatory meeting for the Global Conference for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence against Children (UN General Assembly)

- Micro-Credit/Enterprise Management

- The Beijing Conferences

- Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Meetings

- Task Force on HIV/AIDS Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU)

- Maternal Mortality Monitoring

- UN General Assembly

- International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD)

- 1st Raji Bendre Lecture at the British Council on Women, Democracy and Polities in the 21st Century

- Lecture delivered at the U S Auditorium on women and leadership.

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