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In Sierra Leone, York Village to Get Pipe Borne Water
By Augustine Samba
Jul 28, 2010, 17:20

One of the oldest but deprived mountainous settlements outside Freetown, York Village will be beneficiary to stand pipes for the provision of portable water, an essential commodity that had been posed problem for locals for several years now.

This venture to save humanity is being undertaken by a research group, Atlantic Whales Foundation that on Saturday 20th July 2010 laid the foundation stone for the project.

At the ceremony York Village headman, Kofi Atsakpo said the venture to bring pipe borne water to their impoverished community was no small measure considering the fact that at for years people in that areas have been faced with constraints to access pure water to drink. He blessed the Foundation for thinking of them as according to him several unfulfilled promises have been made by governments and other stakeholders in that regard. Since our pipes were damaged by CSE during construction work on the York road, we have been plagued by water shortage, he informed, adding that they have been forced to contend with the use of well out wells for water which he said has been responsible for the many water borne diseases in that community. He said the situation has been very appalling especially for the aged without children or wards to fetch water from afar.

Atlantic Whales Foundation Public Relations Officer, Mr. Patrick Cole disclosed that their intervention came about after a genuine request from the village elders for a decent living. This demand urged the organization to ship materials within a very short period, and we thank government that we cleared them tax free from the Queen Elizabeth II Quay, he informed.  He disclosed that the construction of the stand pipes to that community was a blessing in for the organization in disguise as the foundation would be using York marine areas to conduct research.  Our development goal will not be achieved if we fail to provide some basic necessities for the people including pipe borne water, he further informed, adding that they would also be providing clinic and educational facilities in due course.

While welcoming the idea, the villagers used the opportunity through this medium to request all stakeholders to help develop the village. The village is well known for its large marine potential and historical artifacts.  

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