From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Emmanuel Grant Declares for SLPP Flag Bearer
By Aruna Turay
Jul 28, 2010, 17:16

As the race for opposition SLPP’s flag bearer position intensifies, one time Energy Minister in the former Tejan Kabbah led Government who briefly defected to the PMDC in the 2007 national elections, Emanuel O. Grant aka ‘Toes Man’ over the weekend made his intension for the contest known to supporters  at his Syke Street residence in western Freetown.

He informed his audience of his strong intention to contest the coveted position ahead of 2012.  “At present, the SLPP needs seasoned and courageous politicians to successfully take the party to the seat of power in 2012,” he disclosed. He spoke of some of his achievements within the party over the years as having served the country in several capacities, including the heading of several ministries and institutions. “I am aware of the fact that several aspirants have shown up for the hot seat but if party delegates actually want to the party to win the 2012 elections, they should think wisely and choose me as flag bearer,” he impressed.

He said one of his legacies to the party was his fight in 1996 to ensure that the SLPP grabbed all the parliamentary seats in Freetown while he was the party’s Regional Chairman. “As far as politics is concerned, I am the only aspirant that can defeat the All Peoples Congress party (APC) come 2012 if elected as Flag Bearer. I once did it and I will do it again,” said Mr. Grant. He used the occasion to implore delegates to vote wisely and ensure that they do not vote for self interest but for the betterment of the party and the nation. “The party comes first, no one aspirant is superior to the SLPP,” he proffered.  He assured his audience that he would prioritize the bridging of the existing gap between the SLPP and the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC).

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