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In Sierra Leone, CSO Boss Calls on Govít to Recognise Voluntary Blood Donors
By Aruna Turay
Jul 29, 2010, 17:12

The Chairman of Civil Society Organizations (CSO), Mr. Charles Mambu has called on the Government through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to recognize the Sierra Leone Voluntary Blood Donorsí Association in the implementation of the Free Health C initiative. He made this call on Tuesday 27th¬†July 2010 in an SLBC TV breakfast programme ĎGood Morning Sierra Leone.í


Mr. Mambu said in order for the free health initiative to succeed, blood donors must be encouraged since their service are most needed by the beneficiaries who are the highest consumers of blood in our hospitals.¬† ďThose people who voluntarily donate their blood for the sick needs to be recognized by including them in the implementation process of the initiative,Ē he implored, adding that in most cases if blood is not donated free, the lives of children and vulnerable mothers remain in jeopardy since they can not afford to pay for blood.¬† Mr. Mambu revealed that in many instances Blood Donor members have been complaining to him that despite their efforts to provide safe and adequate blood at no cost, government has failed to recognize them. But I have been very kind in encouraging them to forward their concerns through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation,Ē he disclosed. Though he could not explain the role of blood donor association in the implementation process, the COS chair nonetheless insisted on the need for Government to include them in the service delivery.¬†


In a separate encounter, the President of the association, Mr. Desmond Lewis revealed to this press that with a composition of over two hundred volunteers countrywide, their membership have been donating blood free of charge over the years saving lives they never know.¬† ďI therefore agree with Mr. Mambu because in as much as it is a voluntary service, it is a worthy cause that requires recognition by government, especially in the implementation process of the initiative,Ē Mr. Lewis noted.¬† He therefore, lent his voice to Mr. Mambuís for their recognition if only to retain most of the volunteers.

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