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Christiana Thorpe Promises Impartial Elections but SLPP Reacts Very Furiously
By Bampia Bundu
Jul 30, 2010, 17:18

The Chairperson of the National Electoral Commission (NEC) Dr. Christiana Thorpe on 29th July 2010 assured the nation that the commission was going to conduct impartial elections in 2012 regardless of the differences they were facing with people who had no confidence in her or the Commission.  She made this statement during the official launching of NEC Strategic Plan 2010-2014 at the Ministry of Informations weekly press briefing held at Miata Conference Hall in Freetown.

Dr. Christiana Thorpe informed that one of their core functions was to conduct and supervise public elections in the country, adding that there are so many processes involved in elections processes, though she said they constitute the electoral cycle. 


The last electoral cycle of NEC spanned the period 2005-2009 but we are happy to say that the cycle has been successfully evaluated, and consequently the commission has now embarked on planning for the next cycle of 2010-2014, she disclosed. She said to achieve that, various stakeholders comprising a team of NEC staff, representatives of the Government of Sierra Leone, international partners, the UN System whose work bear on Democracy and Good Governance, Civil Society groups, representatives of Political Parties, the Sierra Leone Police and the Media was put together in May 2010, to validate the draft plan.

She ended by soliciting the support of Government and the continued cooperation of our international partners and all stakeholders in the implementation of the Strategic Plan for 2010-2014

Statements were made by other Commissioners on various issues.

However in a telephone interview last night with  the National Leader of the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), John Oponjo Benjamin,  he reiterated his partys distrust for Christiana Thorpe. He maintained that she should step down and give chance to others as according to him she is not a credible personality.

We already know that she is not credible as we saw her performance in 2007, he posited.  He said they expected Dr. Thorpe to have done her job according to the rules and regulations of the land but she failed and instead rigged the elections in favour of the APC.

Also to lend his voice to that of the charismatic opposition leader was the erudite and outspoken opposition National Secretary General, Mr. Jacob Jusu  Saffa who said in a telephone conversation that  it was not the first time for Dr. Thorpe to make such statement. 

She made that particular statement before the 2007 elections; but look at what happened then? N
ow, how does she expect us to trust her this time around? Anyway, its up to her to deliver what she has said. As for us in the opposition, we do not trust a single word of those her assurances dropping out of her lips, JJ Saffa proffered. The Opposition scribe said he had no doubt that Dr. Christiana Thorpe would still do what will please the APC just as she did in 2007. He likened Christiana Thorpes words of assurance to the ruling APC party which will tell you that they denounce violence, but on the other hand they perpetrate violence in broad daylight.

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