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Jul 30, 2010, 17:06


Sierra Leoneans celebrate Imam Al-Mahdi Day

Hundreds of Sierra Leoneans local tabloids say on Tuesday 27th 2010 Countrywide commemorated the birthday anniversary of the infallible Imam Al-Mahdi late Imam Al- Mahdi is reported to have been born on the 15th of Shaban 1431. mishims are said believe in the coming back of late Imam Al-Mahdi to institute right form of gbbalization that will be characterized by equality and justice.

             Underworld besags Freetown                          

Abonnd reports claim witchery, commonly refered to as underworld has resurfaced again in Freetown. It is said members of the underworld in their pois to increase membership have contracted sores of unsuspecting City dwellers. The police are said to be investigating several cases in relation to this activities.

MPs, Civil Society shock over Mining Devastation

Parliamentarians of the Mines and Minerals Committee together with Civil Society representatives according to news are vexed over the massive environmental devastation by artisanal and large scale mining companies in Kono. They came to this resolution after a recent conducted tour of mining areas and discussion with affected communities. The head of delegation Hon. Chernor Bah is reported to have vowed reporting the issue to President Koroma and House of Parliament soon.

APC Government interfering with SLBC

The Chairman of Sierra Leone Peoples Party John Opongo Benjamin is reported to have blasted ruling All Peoples Congress government for interfering in the affairs of newly established Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation. He is said to have indicted the Minister of Information and Communication, Alhaji Ibrahim Ben- Kargbo for trying to influence the editorial policy of SLBC on a particular story dealing with his Ministry and the Fibre Optic bill in parliament. Chairman John O. Benjamin similarly blamed the Resident Minister of Eastern Provence, Jannah Smith for similar actions in Kenema quite recently.

PBSL Closes, Charge more pharmacies to court

The pharmacies Board of Sierra Leone in collaboration with Sierra Leone Police are said to have scooped, closed, and drag tens of illegal pharmacies to court. The Register of PBSL, Dr. Wiltshire C.N. Johnson according to reports has linked the precedented action to a bold move in protecting the health of people living in Siera Leone.

Female Journalist to drag Bank MD to Court

Local media reports have envisaged a female journalist reporting for the Independent Observer, Kadijatu Savage taking the Managing Director of Zenith Bank, Madam Oby Lkeh Unekwe to court in the not distant far for redress. Legal commentators say Kadjatu Savage legal representative Jenkins- Johnston & Co. of Ayotunde Chambers in Freetown last weekend wrote the Zenith Bank Country Director demanding her unreserved apology for verbally abusing their client while on her professional duty.


MP Urges Mining Companies on Employment

Hon. Alhaji O. Daramy, representing constituency 50 in the Marampa Chiefdom Port Loko District of the APC, has reportedly raised serious concern with some wining companies over the recruitment of workers in their project. According to him, the employment labour law did state that 60% of the employees should be given to residents of that area, but this was not the Case with the 3 Mining Companies operating in that area.

Ministry of Agriculture Doles US$M for Feeder Road Construction

Reports say, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security have donated the sum of eight Million  United States Dollars to Councils and SLRA to rehabilitate 1,234 Kilometer Feeder roads across Sierra Leone. According to report, the aim of this project is to ensure that all Feeder roads leading to productive areas are rehabilitated for Massive food supply into the Cities for profitable carring. Reports say the Money was provided by World Bank to consider two main districts, Kailahun and Kono respecting

SLPP Headquarters Re- Opens August 6

Local tabloids have alleged that the main Opposition Party Office, the Sierra Leone Peoples Party situated at 15 Walace Johnson Street will be officially re-open on Friday 6th August 2010. Thousand of supporters from all over the Country are planning to storm their National Party Headquarters to witness the official re-opening. According to reports it was alleged that thugs of the Ruling APC were those highly involved into the massive destruction of the Party Headquarters.

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