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SLAJ Denounces Rude Zenith Bank Managing Director; Calls for her Recall Press Release
Jul 30, 2010, 17:02

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Date:  29 July 2010




SLAJ Denounces Rude Zenith Bank Managing Director;  Calls for her Recall


Freetown The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists hereby denounces in the strongest of terms the despicably rude behaviour of the Managing Director of Zenith Bank Sierra Leone, Oby Ikeh Unekwe to a journalist who simply called her to fact-check her story.


Today SLAJ received a complaint from journalist Kadijatu Savage (Mrs) accompanied by an audio CD containing a voice believed to be that of Madam Unekwe in which she insults the journalist calling her a thief, a cheap slut and a bastard.


In the audio, she also makes cat calls at the journalist and keeps deriding her throughout the conversation once the journalist has introduced herself as a journalist.


The journalists offence was simply because she telephoned Madam Unekwe to cross-check a piece of information concerning her alleged treatment of staff at her bank and her ostentatious lifestyle.


This is a shockingly rude behaviour by someone who should set the best of standards, says Umaru Fofana, president of SLAJ. Such an action by such a woman is nothing less than utter disregard for civility, decency, her banks shareholders and customers for which she must be punished, he goes on.


Subsequent utterances by the Zenith Bank Managing Director has the proclivity of undermining the good bilateral relations between her country Nigeria and Sierra Leone especially when she insulted the latter, its leaders and its citizens. We wish to call for her immediate recall by her bank especially when she has shown utter contempt for her action since it happened on 23 July.


By her actions, Madam Unekwes position has now become untenable and if she is not recalled by her employers in the next one week, we will have no regrets in calling for all Sierra Leoneans banking with Zenith Bank to close their accounts with them, Fofana concludes.


Ismael Koroma

National Assistant Secretary General

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