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Four RSLAF Peacekeeper fall in Darfur
By Dauda Koroma
Aug 3, 2010, 17:12

The Deputy Chief of Defence Staff who also doubles as the spokesman for the RSLAF, Brigadier Robert Yirah Koroma on Monday 2nd August 2010 disclosed the unfortunate death of four serving personnel of the RSLAF currently serving in a peace mission in the troubled Dafur region of Sudan under UNAMID.

He said based on the information, the officers met their untimely death on the 1st¬†instant when a ten-ton haulage vehicle ran into the lead escort vehicle whilst escorting UNAMIDís Deputy Joint Special Representative, Mr. Mohamed Yunsi. The convoy was reportedly heading for Sector South headquarters where the internally displaced camp is located at Kalma close to the Nyala International Airport. He said, according to reports, the driver of the haulage vehicle made an attempt to run but was promptly arrested by a combined team of investigators of Sudanese police and UNAMID military personnel.

He informed that the corpses will be flown to Sierra Leone for befitting burial in line with the Memorandum of Understanding with the Sudanese government, and that the next of kins have been duly informed of the unfortunate incident.

The four personnel that lost their lives were Lt. S.M Lebbie, RSLAF 18166941 Sergeant Koroma E, Lance Corporal Bangura A, RSLAF 18181242 and Lance Corporal Marah B.

In another development, it was informed that the former Head of State under the NPRC, Captain Valentine E.M. Strasser will soon receive his pension as according to the army spokesman his money will be calculated and sent to NASSIT for processing.   

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