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In Sierra Leone, ‘We are not in a Tug of war’… Mrs. Eddie Matthews
By Dauda Koroma
Aug 3, 2010, 17:14

The Wife of Late Eddie Mathews, Mrs. Josephine Eddie Mathews has stated that she is not at war with anybody now that the Law Courts have passed judgment in her favour for the property of her late husband.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with our reporter, she made reference to a certain publication that appeared in one of the local tabloids on Monday 2nd August 2010 accusing her of coveting the property and falsely alleging that she abandoned her husband twenty years ago only to return to Freetown upon his death.

She totally debunked the story as fabricated and malicious as according to her she used to visit Sierra Leone from the United States of America on a regular basis.

Mrs. Mathews, whom Awareness Times investigations have revealed, was the actual securer of the land upon which she and her late husband built their dwelling, insisted that contrary to the “rubbish” against her and her children, the late man “left no Will” indicating that Madam Princess Tholley Mathews should control the property of herself and her husband.

“She is not the wife of my husband but a mere adopted child so it is foolhardy for her to dream of claiming any property,” she informed, while blaming Mr. Tholley for all the misunderstanding.

Mrs. Josephine Mathews took the opportunity to warn Tholley through this medium to desist forthwith from claiming ownership of her late husband’s property.

She concluded by informed that she was patiently waiting until November this year when the Tholleys should quit the family estate. Meanwhile, Mrs. Mathews children, currently in America, have expressed serious fears for the life of their mother considering the way and manner in which the Tholleys used the justice system to bring about frivolous and vexatious suits against their brother last year and now against their mother. The children allege that their beloved Dad died just a few minutes after eating a bowl of food prepared for him by the persons now trying to illegally claim their family property.

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