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Aug 4, 2010, 17:06


 UK Lawyers Lecture Legal Personnel on Rules

The United Kingdom Lawyers working for the UMABANO project on Monday lectured Magistrates and Justices of the Peace (JPs) on court regulations such as sentencing policies and guidelines, case management and other pertinent court related matters. The dayís session was reported held at the Industrial Court Room, Law Court Building in central Freetown. This lecture has been reportedly commended by the Chief Justice as being in the right direction in enhancing the judiciary in the country. The project is said to capacitate the judiciary as participants gained a wealth of knowledge to strengthen the institution in meeting an international standards.


Thieves Break into a Mosque in Bo

Reports have alleged that thieves recently broke into a Mosque at Jembeh Village in the Bo District and made away with items worth millions leones. The locals are said to be currently brooding over the theft that left them deprived of the mosqueís loud speaker, generator and an amplifier.¬† However, reports allege that certain bike riders might have been behind the act as most often they are said to be perpetrators of such demeaning activities. Police are investigating the matter according to reports. .

Mabang Bridge Becomes a Death Trap

Local tabloids intimate the near collapse of Mabang Bridge along the Moyamba-Freetown road. According to reports the bridge has now hung loose, swinging like a hammock, a situation that has created panic among commuters.  Local authorities are reported to have closed the road to vehicular traffic and accordingly declared the bridge a death trap. 

Korean Contractor Leaves Road Contract in Limbo

Civil society activist, Mr. Charles Mambu has reportedly disclosed that for the past 11 months since the Kenema-Pendembu Road project was awarded to a Korean Construction Company known as ISU Company, no progress is in sight for construction work to commence. According to reports, apart from a skeleton equipment that was deposited at Segbwema, no operational machinery has been brought to the commence work. This has reportedly made the activist to charge the company of having the intent to fool the people.


NATCOM Arrests 12 for Unregistered SIM Pack sales

The National Telecommunication Company (NATCOM) on Monday reportedly arrested six mobile agents in Freetown for allegedly selling unregistered SIM Packs to unsuspecting customers. The arrests have now totaled twelve for violating NATCOMís regulations. Reports say since the deadline of the registration ended, the regulatory body for all GSM and CDMA operators in Sierra Leone has intensified operation to track down all those involved in the business of selling unregistered SIM Packs.¬†


SLJA Opens Regional Office in Kenema


Local tabloids have revealed that the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists has on the 31st¬†July opened their first office in the eastern provincial headquarter city of Kenema. According to reports the office was recently commissioned by the associationís president, Umaru Fofana.¬† The eastern regionalk office is located at No. 10 Homonya Avenue in Kenema. Similar offices are slated for opening in other regional cities. Funds used for the rentage were reportedly provided by both the British High Commission and UNDP.


Police Mount Pressure on Money Doublers

Police pressure in Freetown has caused many money changers to relocate to other places in the provinces. According to reports police in the provincial city of Kenema on July 24 this year nabbed a group of money doublers at No. 6 Kowa Street and are currently undergoing police investigation.

Relatives Reject Prisonerís Corpse

Residents of Kanga Village, Luawa Chiefdom in the Kailahun District have reportedly rejected the corpse of a hundred-year old man known as Jusu Kamara who was allegedly standing trial in the Kenema High Court for the murder of his grandson for ritual purposes. He reportedly fell sick in prison and died. His remains were rejected and reportedly taken sent back to government for burial.

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