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Aug 5, 2010, 17:00



Mines Monitors Angry Over Salary delay


Local tabloids report that Mines Monitoring Officers deployed in various mining areas across the country are unhappy with the Ministry of Mineral Resources for late payment of salaries. They allege that the continuous delay in payment of their salaries is a deliberate ploy by ministry officials to frustrate their efforts as it has reportedly become a habit by the ministry to sideline them when it comes to salary payments. Reports intimate that they are prepared to make their concerns known to the appropriate authorities 

More Serving Police Personnel to be Promoted

Media reports have alleged that another set of promotions for personnel of the Sierra Leone Police Force will be out in December this year.  The first set of promotions that came out a couple of months back was said to be marred by nepotism and demerit as commanding officers of various divisions presented doctored lists. The second list is reportedly going to be prepared with strict adherence to meritorious performance as other critical issues will be taken into consideration. 

For Deception, Market Women may Strike


Market women with stalls at the Family Market within the Regent Road community in Lumley, west end of Freetown may go on a peaceful strike if the Freetown City Council continue to renege on their promise of providing suitable toilet facilities for them. Since the only toilet serving the over hundred traders got filled months back causing the emission of obnoxious and offensive stench, traders have made several representations to council authorities for decent facilities with little success in spite of the daily market dues  collected by council agents. 

New Political Party Emerges Ahead of 2012

A new political party, Peoples Union for Progress (PUP) has reportedly been formed, precisely two years to general elections in 2012. PUP is said to be a breakaway faction of the near defunct United National Peoples Party (UNPP) formerly headed by veteran politician, Dr. Karefa Smart who fled the shores in 1996 after losing to SLPPs Tejan Kabbah in presidential elections that year. Since his departure, coupled with his aging incapability to run political race, the party had lost focus and membership. Few party members therefore decided to form a new party with a complete break from the UNPP.
However, PUP is yet to be registered with the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC). It is also alleged that the new party has attracted membership from disgruntled members of all the three prominent political parties in the country, the APC, SLPP and the PMDC.

SLAJ Chooses Karim Sei for SLBC Board

Former presidential contender of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists, Mr. Karim Sei has been unanimously voted by SLAJ membership for nomination to serve as the associations representative on the newly constituted SLBC Board of Trustees following the controversial rejection of Dr. Julius Spencer by parliament few weeks back. Mr. Ibrahim Karim Sei if approved by parliament will replace the previous nominee, Dr. Spencer. It is reported that it was Dr. Spencer that insisted on an early replacement to fill that existing gap in the interest of the association so as to keep pace with important decisions currently being taken by the Board on behalf of journalists.

APC Diaspora Office under Fire

His Excellency President Koroma is said to have come under fierce criticism from a veteran politician and one time national chairman of opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party, Dr. Sama Banya for creating more job opportunities for unqualified APC Diaspora members, leaving qualified but non party members within the country. Dr. Banya who was reportedly commenting on a recent radio programme that featured President Koroma nailed the latter for bad politicking.   


SLTU Boosts Teachers in the North


Teachers deployed at Mile 91 in the Tonkolili District are said to be recipients of soft loans from the unions corporative society in the tune of Le 500M. This initiative by the resuscitated teacher cooperative according to the Union Secretary General Davison Kuyateh is to help teachers evade the exorbitant banks interest rates charged on loans.


Five-Day Old Baby Stolen from Hospital


A suckling mother whose name was given as Zainab Bangura residing at Devil Hole in the far east of Freetown has gone frustrated following the theft of her five-day old baby past Friday at the Waterloo Government Hospital. Zainab had gone to clinic to register her childs birth and vaccination when she was reportedly told to return home to report the other day as she had already arrived late for registration. On her way home, she was reportedly approached by a certain woman who allegedly cajoled her to return to the hospital on the pretext that she would facilitate treatment for her child.  At the hospital, Zainab left the child in the care of the pretentious stranger to attend to nature but on her return the women and the child were nowhere to be found. Police are said to be investigating the mater.

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