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In Sierra Leone, Subscribers Appreciate Zain ‘Fambul Tariff’
By Augustine Samba
Aug 5, 2010, 17:02

Thousands of Zain subscribers have expressed great satisfaction for Zain’s new promotion, ‘Fambul Tariff.’ The ‘Fambul Tariff’ promo is a sequel to the promise made by Sierra Leone’s most reliable telecommunication provider to improve their subscribers’ lives where they speak more than what they pay. Many customers are appreciative of this reduction as they now speak on frequent basis without hesitation.

Recently, Awareness Times visited residents at the Grafton community to substantiate what subscribers have been saying about the new product and how it impacts on their lives as far as communication is concerned. Amongst tens of those interviewed was one Mr. Murray Kallon who boldly told our reporter that the Zain ‘Fambul Tariff’ was an improvement to many customers’ use of mobile communication. He said he was very much appreciative to be enjoying such a big facility from Zain at this time when the economic situation is worsened.

According to him, Zain has always shared with them their plight during the period of economic malaise. "Can you now compare Zain to others who are bent on deducting more units from any call made?" he rhetorically asked. He disclosed that through the ‘Fambul Tariff’ 19units promo, he was now able to talk to other networks easily.

A female subscriber who gave her name as Isata Koroma also commended Zain for what she described as ‘a divine gift.’ She informed that ‘Fambul Tariff’ was indeed a manifestation of Zain’s wonderful world which is exclusively built for their subscribers. Madam Koroma said "after 2am everyday, I always call my relatives to know how they are faring free of charge until 5am". She also thanked Zain for all their promotions, including international promos. ‘Fambul Tariff’ is very low when customers speak from 12pm to 5pm for just 9 units; and from 2am to 5pam for no units and 19 units to all other networks at all times. All calls are now billed per second.

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