From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

On his 72nd Birthday, Solo-B is doing well in India
Aug 9, 2010, 12:24

The former Vice President of Sierra Leone, Solomon Ekuma Berewa, who is currently in India on a medical check-up has spoken to Awareness Times on the phone line from India last Friday August 6th 2010 which happened to be his 72nd Birthday.

It will be recalled that false alarms were recently raised in local tabloids that Mr. Berewa had been hospitalised at Choithrams Hospital in Freetown and then rushed to India in grave medical condition. On the contrary, this newspaper can authoritatively confirm that whilst Mr. Berewa is seeking further medical care in India, he was never hospitalised in Freetown even for one single day nor is he in any grave medical condition.

When Mr. Berewa spoke to Awareness Times on the phone line, he sounded hale, hearty and alert. In a very cheerful tone of voice, he remarked that he had heard that the local media was up to usual traits of publishing untruths about his health. He however sounded quite upbeat as he expressed, “no hard feelings” over the erroneous reports.

“Another false report about me in the Sierra Leone media? It is nothing strange. Well, I am quite used to it now. Do not forget that I was a politician for many, many years,” he chuckled.

Meanwhile, Mr. Berewa’s daughter who arranged the phone call between her Dad and this newspaper has also expressed regret over the erroneous newspaper reports. She revealed that she was preparing to take her children out to Europe for some fun holidays.

“If Papa was as ill as the newspapers claim, will I be embarking out of the country to have fun and laughter with my children in London?” Mrs. Annie Lansana smilingly queried.

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