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APC appoints NPRC Spokesman to Senior Government Position in Sierra Leone
By Our Special Correspondent
Aug 9, 2010, 12:26

As a sequel to the recent Call by the United Nationsí Secretary General for Sierra Leoneans to reconcile within the recommendations of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission report, the Office of the President, late last week appointed the NPRC Junta Secretary-General and Spokesman at the time of the December 29, 1992 executions, to be the new Petroleum Resources Finance Director. The NPRC was the Military Government in Sierra Leone at the time of the executions and Captain Karefa Kargbo was the NPRC Secretary-General and Government Spokesman.

Today, retired military officer Karefa Kargbo of the NPRC is a highly qualified American-trained Accountant with top-notch professional accounting credentials and in the spirit of national reconciliation as called for by the TRC Report, he has been appointed by President Koroma to be the Director of Finance at the nationís Petroleum Resources Unit under the Office of the President. This was confirmed to Awareness Times by sources close to the Secretary to the President who reportedly issued out the appointment late last Thursday August 5th on the instructions of the President himself.

With the appointment of Karefa Kargbo to such an important position in the Republic of Sierra Leone, the President has endorsed the recent call by the U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon for the country to move forwards toward reconciliation.

Few weeks ago, the Government had announced an intention to conduct an Inquest into the extra-judicial deaths of almost twenty years ago but this had sparked a strong backlash of protests from significant segments of the society.

Interestingly, many observers, including a popular and respected newspaper columnist, Theo Nicol of Premier News, had however opined that the proposed Inquest was a ploy by the ruling Koroma regime to divert attention away from the economic woes facing the citizens.

Other observers had opined that many of the players back in the NPRC Regime who had knowledge of, or participated in the events of that fateful night were already strong and influential members of the current APC regime so the chances of the Inquest being held were seen as infinitesimal.

Another dampener on the proposed Inquest was the confirmation that John Oponjo Benjamin, one of the political opponents of the ruling APC whom the APC very badly wants to be removed from the political scene, had nothing absolutely to answer for insofar as the executions were concerned. On the contrary, the talk of the proposed Inquest has simply helped to burnish the credentials of John Benjamin even more in the public light as a patriot who placed his countryís interests above his own interests.

Efforts to contact Karefa Kargbo, the newly appointed Finance Director of the Petroleum Resources, for his comments on his new appointment all proved futile. It is however a fact that he is fully qualified to hold the position with all attendant professional qualifications in his possession.

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