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In Sierra Leone, Liberian Experts on Public Finance Management Reforms Tour
By Bampia Bundu & Momoja Lappia
Aug 11, 2010, 17:10

Twelve (12) Liberian financial experts arrived in Sierra Leone on 10th August 2010 for a Financial Management Reforms study tour. They are guests of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. The delegation will be in Sierra Leone from 10th to 21st August 2010. This was revealed to the press in a short but officious press conference held at the Treasury Building, George Street in Freetown.

In his statement the Director of Budget Bureau Mr. Mathew Dingie noted that the twelve-  day session is jointly funded by the Overseas Development Institute and Liberian government as a result of a meeting held between the two sister countries sometime in December 2009 to review the Liberian public financial management process and share Sierra Leones post-conflict experience in areas including challenges, integral financial management and information technology, medium term expenditure, budget planning, execution and monitoring, payroll management, financial record management and auditing and monitoring among other vital issues. He said the meeting with the experts from Liberia will by all indications promote socio-economic growth and development within the Mano River Basin.

Mr. Dingie also stated that the Liberian delegates will have the opportunity to know about the overall public financial management process, macro-economic and fiscal projection and analysis, budget planning, execution and monitoring, tax policy and revenue forecasting and analysis, integrated financial management and information system, payment processing and bank disbursement, reconciliation and reporting, internal and external control processes among other. The delegates are also expected to engage the chairpersons of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance and Development, Transparency and Accountability, and Public Accounts on their roles in national public financial management reforms, he informed, adding that they will also be understudying the administrative functions and fiscal nature of Sierra Leones germane decentralization process as well as visit post-war development sites in the rural cities of Bo and Moyamba.

Speaking on Behalf of the Liberian Delegation, the head of delegation Mr. Anthony G. Myers started by extended their heartfelt condolence to those that lost their lives in the landslide disaster that took place a few days ago. He commended the Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Sierra Leone, and the people for giving them a red carpet welcome he said they really appreciated, adding that upon all what has been said by the Director of Budget Bureau they are in Sierra Leone to share ideas and to gain experience from Sierra Leonean on how they had succeeded in overcoming financial challenges over the years. He expressed hope that they would learn a lot and share many experience during their short tour.

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