From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

APC’s Editorial Team to “Debunk” Awareness Times
Aug 12, 2010, 17:26

The Constitutional & Legal Section of the Editorial Team of the ruling APC party’s We Yone newspaper has yesterday stated their intention to “thoroughly debunk” the published assertion of Awareness Times’ Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden that APC Leader President Koroma was behaving like a Dictator insofar as his handling of the hiring and firing of the country’s Electoral Commissioners.

Speaking on the phone line to Awareness Times yesterday August 11th 2010, Mr. Cornelius Deveaux, Editor-in-Chief of APC We Yone, opined that Dr. Blyden had missed the point and so he believed she had, as a result, arrived at a poor understanding of the cited constitutional provisions.

“We cannot sit by and allow our party leader to be falsely labelled as a dictator when he is not a dictator but a democratic leader who respects the National Constitution,” said Deveaux.

According to Deveaux, tomorrow’s edition of APC We Yone, will thoroughly cover the issue from a constitutional and legal perspective.

Meanwhile, Dr. Blyden has expressed delight that the APC is seeking to debunk her position.

“There were many other areas of the dictatorial tendencies of President Koroma that I had wanted to touch on. The APC newspaper’s expected response will simply help me to highlight those other dictatorial tendencies as well. I am looking forward to the APC’s Legal Team’s response,” Blyden assured.

Meanwhile, late last evening, Dr. Blyden has made available to the APC newspaper’s Legal Team, copies of the National Electoral Laws as enacted in the Year 2002 in order to assist them in the preparation of their response to her assertion that President Koroma was behaving like a Dictator. She has also promised to give front page publicity today about APC’s planned response in order to help boost the APC newspaper’s sales for tomorrow. Awareness Times outsells APC We Yone newspaper by at least 10:1 in volume and its readership is in the region of tens of thousands more than that of the APC. Therefore, a fully confident Sylvia Blyden has also promised the APC Newspaper’s Legal Team that in order to give even wider coverage to their expected position against her views, aside of the free publicity we will give them in our today edition, the full text of their tomorrow rebuttal will get to be published in Monday’s edition of Awareness Times alongside her reaction to whatever defence of President Koroma that they in the APC newspaper might be coming up with.


 “I am confident of my position that President Koroma has been unconstitutionally and illegally firing duly appointed Electoral Commissioners and has also been dismissive of the implied expectations of constitutional provisions around the hiring of Electoral Commissioners,” Blyden insists even as she urged for her regular readers to help the APC newspaper’s sales tomorrow by purchasing copies of it.

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