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In Sierra Leone, Acha Kamara is not on Warpath with Justice Ademosu
By Sylvia O. Blyden
Aug 12, 2010, 17:24

Sierra Leone’s Inspector General of Police Brima Acha Kamara, has expressed “complete bewilderment” over a certain tabloid’s yesterday front page headline entitled in Creole as ‘ACHA VEX PAN JUDICIARY’ with an accompanying inside page lengthy article that spanned well over two full pages with title of, ‘ANGRY ACHA KAMARA ON THE WARPATH AS JUSTICE SAMUEL ADEMOSU EXPOSED!’


According to the tabloid, the Police Boss was upset over the escape from the jurisdiction of a Nigerian Armed Robber who had been granted bail by Justice Ademosu, only for him to jump bail and escape to Nigeria leaving the matter unsettled in front of Ademosu’s court. The tabloid claimed that the issue was so grave in the eyes of the Police that a Press Conference was to have been called up on Monday this week to express the anger of the Police towards the Judiciary and specifically towards Justice Ademosu.

However, the Inspector General in a telephone interview with this writer, expressed consternation over the entire article and the inclusion of his name therein.

“Please help me to dismiss the allegation as it is totally untrue. I do not know of any Nigerian Armed Robber who has jumped bail after being released by Justice Ademosu. I am in complete bewilderment over the newspaper report,”  IG Brima Acha Kamara insisted adding that the report of an alleged planned police press conference past Monday was also “untrue, totally untrue”.

According to the Inspector-General, “I do not know what that newspaper is talking about”.


When the Editor of the newspaper was contacted yesterday with the news that the Police Inspector General had most strongly denied his published claims about the Judiciary releasing a Nigerian Armed Robber, he simply responded by saying, “no comments”.

Whilst the Editor declined to comment on the issue of his alleged false publication, another viewpoint expressed by a news columnist yesterday, concerned the undue comparative reference by the newspaper between Justice Browne-Marke who had to recuse himself from the Afsatu Kabba trial over a serious conflict of interest and Justice Ademosu who eventually presided over the trial.

According to this observer, from his interpretation of the opinions expressed by the author of the article, he suspected that “someone is trying to lay the groundwork for some sort of position to be promoted concerning this Haja Afsatu Kabba trial but let us observe what is going on as the days go by”. He insisted that, “Something fishy is being played because I do not see the relevance of the comparison between Justice Browne-Marke and Justice Ademosu at this particular point in time”.

Meanwhile, Awareness Times will remain seized of this matter.

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