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Open Letter to the Minister of Education
Aug 12, 2010, 17:00

Open Letter to the Minister of Education



Dear Editor

Kindly permit me space in your widely read newspaper to write this letter to the Minister of Education and all concerned about improving on the standard of education in the Secondary Schools of this our beloved country.

Teachers have been crying for high salaries every year; but have they been doing their work? Some years ago they had an increase in salary on the pretext that education would improve but has it improved? The reasons are simply thus:

Most of the Teachers in the Secondary Schools cannot teach what is expected of them.
They begin to teach a topic but never complete it. Some give notes which do not even meet the expectation of the examination council.  Almost all do not complete their syllabuses. Some do not even go to classes and nothing comes out of it.

In my opinion, if education should improve in the Secondary Schools, examiners should b
e grouped according to subjects, make notes in the form of text books or pamphlets. There should be notes on every topic in the syllabus.


Examiners may want to ask how their books can be sold. This is very simple. Every principal should give a comprehensive list of every B.E.C.E and W.A.S.C.E classes in the whole country to the Examination Council. The Council in turn should send the exact number of text books to the principals. The cost of the text books should be added to the school fees so that when once the fees are paid, the text books are handed over to the pupils. If a pupil is being deprived of his/her supply of text books, that pupil has the right to ask the principal, and if the need arises, make a complaint to Council.

Those that are exempted from paying fees MUST bear the costs of the text books before attending classes. Every thing about the text books should be made compulsory. This is what should happen every year.

If all the teachers have the text books, they should use them to teach the pupils. Inspector of schools should be sent to every school to know if the teachers are doing their work, and to know how many topics they have covered for the term. By doing so, every body will know where the problem lies.

Thanks in advance for publishing my letter and please continue to do the fine job you are now so well known for.

Daniel Samai,


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