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In Sierra Leone, Slra Completes Regional Sensitization Tour
Aug 12, 2010, 17:12

The third in the series of regional sensitization tours on National Anti Corruption Strategy (NACS) implementation ended past week in Bo and Kenema, where stakeholders were informed about the Complaint Unit now established at the SLRA.

The Complaint Unit which operates under the Public Relation Unit shall among other things receive and mediate on all complains and concerns raised by the public about SLRA activities contrary to usual procedure of going to the media that may not adequately solve the problems.

The Director of Mantenance, Sahr Ernest Gbembo explains about the NACS Complain Unit at SLRA

Explaining their mission to Councilors and other Stakeholders at the Bo and Kenema District Council Halls on Thursday and Friday respectively, the Training and Human Resource Manager SLRA, Hassan A. Turay indicated that it is all about establishing cooperation and collaboration between SLRA and its various partners in development.

He stressed that by so doing there will be no room for misinformation and unfounded reports about SLRA activities, as appropriate personnel shall be available to make clarifications on which issues bound to win the support of our donors towards our development strides.

Some Stake holders during the workshop in Makeni

The Director of Maintenance, Sahr Ernest Gbembo dilated on the importance of the Complaint Unit.  He said it was crucial in maintaining good will and cooperation amongst every one, more so in addressing issues relating to road maintenance and rehabilitation programmes.

Considering it a pre-requisite for the Anti-Corruption Strategy implementation for all ministries and organizations, he reiterated that such criteria would serve as a corrective measure rather than creating room for hearsay that may be counter productive.

Training and Human Resource Manager Hassan A. Turay addressing Stake at the Bo City Hall

The Director therefore appealed to all Stakeholders to develop the habit of channeling complaints to the appropriate authorities at SLRA regional offices and to Headquarters where positive responses about the past, ongoing and pending programmes shall be given.

Responding the Chief Administrator, Bo town Council, Mr. William Alpha expressed appreciation for such move. He noted that such collaboration will yield dividend and shall go a long way to not only reducing rumours but also enhancing social change.

Chairman Bo District Council, Mr. Margao making his point at the National Anti Corruption Strategy (NACS) meeting in Bo recently

The Chairman, Bo Town Council, Mathew M. Margao who recalled the existing close ties and partnership with SLRA cited for instance, the Le 50 million market project currently funded by SLRA. He extended appreciation for more partnership and collaboration.

The Chairman however, in his forthright statement advised SLRA to show more commitment in their dealing with the Councils. He referred to the “Luke warm situation of SLRA towards the demolition process”, as he observed that since the demolition process was an Act by parliament, SLRA has not been sincere, but instead “made excuses bothering on rehabilitating the feeder roads before handing over to the Councils, the maintenance aspect and or “Councils lack the capacity”.

The Director of Maintenance further clarified that devolution was a gradual process. He stressed that the sooner the road maintenance policy frame work now in its draft stage, was implemented; then the controversy on feeder road devolution process shall be laid to rest.

Councilors and other Stakeholders in the meeting also demonstrated their willingness to work with SLRA. They however, mentioned some of the major lapses that had existed between them and SLRA which included “the unwillingness of SLRA contractors to interact with the local authorities, their refusal to take corrections, and the haphazard and disjointed works that are sometimes carried out in their communities”.


Similar workshops were held the past weeks in the Port Loko, Kambia, Mile 91 and Makeni regions.

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