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In Sierra Leone, Zain has Helped in Expanding the Business Horizon of other Organizations
Aug 12, 2010, 17:10

These days, telecommunications is much more than just a telephone handset or even a headset connected to the PC in a busy office. The giants in the telecommunications sector here in Sierra Leone and beyond have progressed further into an advanced multi-international business, supplying endless amounts of products and services, connecting millions of people across their operational regions. This story is a reality in Sierra Leone today and only on the Zain Sierra Leone Network.

Sierra Leone had its first GSM operations in 2000 by Celtel, now trading as Zain Sierra Leone. Zain is part of a revolutionized telecommunications system that has changed the communication ‘landscape’ in Sierra Leone – prioritizing both voice and data communications both within the Sierra Leonean territory and beyond.  

Zain has got tremendous capacity for transmission of digital signals over their network. They have an explosion of products in computers, in telephone equipments, in faxes, in voice mail, in all of the products that just 10 years ago we as consumers in Sierra Leone couldn't even imagine.

It is a fact that competition has made this country the preeminent leader among our neighbors in telecommunications. Zain is creating jobs, but more than that they have tremendous productivity and have products and lower prices better than any other related company within Sierra Leone.

There is no question that the products and services of Zain affect the life of every Sierra Leonean. It affects the economy of this country and it affects our relationship to the outside world.

The world of telecommunications from Zain has greatly evolved in the past few years, and now such facilities are available that make business communication easy and effective. With the help of latest telecommunication features, organisations can now expand their businesses beyond the horizons.

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