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Constituency 106 Gets SLPP “Saviour”
By Dauda Koroma
Aug 16, 2010, 12:13

A young Sierra Leonean based in the United Kingdom who is currently has expressed his determination to alleviate the plight of his community in central Freetown. Edward Ernest Coker has become a household name in his community for his philanthropic gestures, the recent being the construction of 20 stand pipes to ease the perennial water crisis.


In an exclusive interview with our reporter at his 15 Ball Street residence, off Circular Road in Central Freetown over the weekend, Mr. Coker said he was currently working with his community people to solve water supply problems which was very acute in that community with dug out water wells, stand pipes and the creation of job and vocational training facilities for the youth.


Mr. Coker said he was doing the work on behalf of the SLPP which he referred to as a peaceful and well-focused political party that knows how to run Sierra Leone. He informed that with his intention to enter into politics, he had no hesitation to align himself with the SLPP.

“My intention is to represent Constituency 106 as a parliamentarian under the SLPP in the forthcoming election in 2012,” he disclosed, adding that he had nurtured that dream since he went to study in England.

“I always told my SLPP counterparts that I would come home to join the SLPP and help push the country forward in development and good governance,” he continued, while iterating his confidence that with what he was doing his community people would surely embrace him for further development by voting for him if given symbol by the SLPP. He lamented over the poor state of affairs in his community such as lack of a community center, poor security with high crime rate for which he said he would engage the police and the military to see that Constituency 106 was free of violent and other criminal perpetrators.


A lawyer by profession, Coker said he attended the Prince of Wales School from where he proceeded to England where he studied Criminal and Contract law at the Trinity University and was currently a practicing solicitor in England.

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