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The Dictator & The Journalist (Part 1)
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Aug 17, 2010, 17:12

As promised last week, I would be taking a look at the APC newspaper’s article (SEE PAGE 2) on why they believe that President Koroma is not acting in a dictatorial manner contrary to my published assertions that he is doing just that. As a Journalist working within my obligations as stated under Section 11 of the National Constitution, I am up against the task of telling a President that his actions are ultra-vires the National Constitution and hence are Dictatorial!


This is an Independent Journalist coming up against a Dictatorial President. Now, whilst I will refrain from the personalising of the debate by the APC who are reading between non-existent lines, I intend to simply focus on the fallacies and gross ignorance as exhibited by Deveaux’s pen in its defence of the indefensible actions of President Ernest Koroma.

Now, already, in its latest yesterday edition, Deveaux has self-corrected his erroneous Friday assertion that the SLPP Leader John Benjamin never wrote down their party’s deep satisfaction against the re-appointment of Dr. Christiana Thorpe. He has now confessed that indeed the SLPP wrote down their rejection of Thorpe but that President Koroma, in typical dictatorial fashion, rode rough-shod over their concerns. Since my piece is not only going to be limited to the dictatorial actions with respect to the hiring and firing of Electoral Commissioners but will be taking an in-depth look at the President’s dictatorial tendencies, my views are quite extensive and so they will be serialised.

In Part One today, I start off by pointing out that whilst APC Editor Cornelius Deveaux, states his reasons for why he believes President Koroma was correct to sack Winston Minah and Eddie Nyallay as Electoral Commissioners, he simply does not even bother to try to make some sort of excuse for why Daphne Olu-Williams was relieved of her duties and this is deliberate.

It is deliberately left out because it is totally reprehensible and utterly indefensible! The sacking of Mrs. Daphne Olu-Williams is one of the most callous of President Koroma’s dictatorial actions since he became President and swore to uphold the Constitution. The President seems to enjoy watching the Commissioners slip into Penury by abruptly sacking them and withholding benefits...


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