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Rotary International to Hold Peace Camp in Sierra Leone
By Augustine Samba
Aug 19, 2010, 21:18

A Non-Governmental Organization [NGO] Rotary International is planning to conduct a robust peace camp at the Sierra Leone Liberian Border Jendemah in the Pujehun district from 22nd -25th August 2010. The peace camp will bring together youth  leaders ,government representatives and traditional leaders of  post conflict and fragile state in the West Africa sub region notably Liberian, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and Guinea. This was disclosed to the press by Rotary International. The Rotarys peace camp aims at strengthening the capacity of  youth  leaders to engender human right, peace building and non violent conflict resolution in the post conflict and fragile states in West Africa. The campaign will also focus on training youths leaders in peace and conflict resolution at large. To enhance residents around the border, Rotary International will hold a special cross border training workshop for immigration and law enforcement officers and traditional leaders, living along the border area between Liberia and Sierra Leone. Several other events including a midnight peace parade, peace vigils and dedication of the Rotary peace hut will be done.

The Jendemah peace camp is going to be a sequel to the peace caravan which will be kicked-off by the former Rotary world peace fellow Richelleu Allison in November 2010 in the West Africa Region. Richelleu a native of Liberia from his experience in the Liberian conflict has thought it necessary for people to unite. There is still need to ensure that people continue to reconcile their difference he said adding that he saw and witnessed summary execution and recruitment of fighters as young as eight who were sent to the battle field and killed. Richelieu after graduating from the Rotary peace conflict studied at Chulalongkorn University, in Bangkoh Thailand has greatly in preaching peace in the West Africa region. Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith has said that 641 Rotary alumni centres including 65 African are making a difference at grass-root level and also applying effort in key decision making in government and other institutions.

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